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17th July
written by Matt The Cat
Jimmie Rodgers Joins Night Prowl Cruise!

IT’S OFFICIAL! The great Jimmie Rodgers will join the Night Prowl / Truckin’ Bozo Cruise this February for 8 days in the Mexican Riviera. This is due to popular demand. Night Prowlers requested it and we are making it so. There will be a fabulous show aboard the cruise ship, which leave CA on February 12, 2008, featuring Freddy Cannon, Carl Dobkins Jr. and NOW Jimmie Rodgers! Matt The Cat will emcee the show.

If you haven’t booked a cabin yet, do so fast as all cabin bookings must be in by September. For more info, click HERE!

When you book, make sure you tell them that you are WITH the Night Prowl Show!

You will need a valid Passport to travel on this cruise.

This is very exciting!


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  1. Anonymous

    I just happened on this site while checking some things. I listen to the 50’s on 5 throughout the day. Glad to know Jimmie Rodgers is doing well.

    It’s too late for me to go on the cruise, but it sounds like a lot of fun. Take care.

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