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26th June
written by Matt The Cat
Boss Of The Blues


This week Harlem takes a look at one of R&B; and Rock n’ Roll’s biggest single influences. Joe Turner came up from the pre-war boogie woogie underground and became a post-war blues shoutin’ success. The late 1940s were very good to Joe, but it was the 1950s that would prove to be his career highlight. Even though he was already in his 40s, Big Joe’s music became an early proponent of rock n’ roll. This Harlem show is accented through interviews with music historian Billy Vera and the late Ahmet Ertegun of Atlantic Records. Find out why Big Joe Turner is the true “Boss Of The Blues”, this week on Harlem.

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16th June
written by Matt The Cat
The Cleftones

This week, Matt The Cat talks to two original members of one of New York’s greatest ’50s vocal groups; The Celftones. You’ll hear lead singer Herbie Cox and sometimes leader and songwriter Berman Patterson speak about segregation, touring with Alan Freed’s Cavalcade of Stars and recording for mobster Morris Levy. It’s the most revealing HARLEM ever!! We’ll dig deep into the vaults to pull out some great, almost forgotten Cleftones sides as well, so don’t miss HARLEM, all week on the 50s on 5.

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12th June
written by Matt The Cat

“Clyde McPhatter’s high tenor takes off like a guided missile. It soars higher and higher until it hits its target…dead center and explodes…blowin’ you mind”
-Matt The Cat


Clyde McPhatter should be remembered as one of the most influential of the early ’50s R&B; singers. His sweet, angelic tenor was first put to gospel singing, but in 1950, it turned to secular music when Clyde joined Billy Ward & The Dominoes. After scoring numerous hits with The Dominoes, McPhatter left to form his OWN group, The Drifters. Depression, alcoholism and the changing sound of R&B; would eventually ruin his career and his life, but this week HARLEM remembers one of the true great, CLYDE McPHATTER.

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