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29th June
written by Matt The Cat

Lloyd Price almost single-handedly invented rock n’ roll back in 1952 with the immortal “Lawdy Miss Clawdy”. It was this song that got the black kids dancing with the white kids and they haven’t stopped since. Lloyd joins Matt The Cat for a deep look at the early ’50s recordings he did for the Specialty Label. Lloyd takes you behind the scenes to what really went down in new Orleans. Don’t miss this R&B; legend all week long on HARLEM.

Harlem Airs on the 50s on 5:
Monday 7/3 @ 1pm EST
Tuesday Night 7/4 at 9pm PST & Midnight EST
Friday 7/7 @ 6pm over Atlanta
Sunday 7/9 @ 11am over Boston & 10am over New Orleans

Have a great 4th of July, Night Prowlers!

23rd June
written by Matt The Cat
This Week HARLEM Presents…

Melvin Smith never enjoyed national success and only had one regional hit, but he remains one of the finest rhythm and blues singers from the early 1950s. This week on HARLEM, Matt The Cat digs deep into the Harlem underground to shed some light on this underrated legend, Melvin Smith.

HARLEM airs on the 50s on 5:
Monday afternoon 6/26 @ 1pm over Harlem, NY
Tuesday night 6/27 @ 9pm over LA & midnight over Boston, MA
Friday evening 6/30 @ 6pm over Tampa, FL
Sunday morning 7/02 @ 11am over Portland, ME

20th June
written by Matt The Cat

They said it couldn’t be done…
They said it shouldn’t be done…
They said it wouldn’t be done…

But Rhino Records does it again!

A NEW 4 CD box set of all rockabilly tunes (mostly rare stuff) hits the street on June 27th! Hear it FIRST, this Thursday Night on Rockabilly Thursday with Matt The Cat!

James Austin, the exec producer and compiler of the set will join Matt for an in-depth look at the rockabilly gold this set is about to bring to light. Rockabilly fans rejoice as you FINALLY get the box set that you’ve waited 50 years for! Don’t miss Matt The Cat, James Austin and “Rockin’ Bones” Thursday Night for Rockabilly Thursday on the Night Prowl Show!