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31st July
written by Matt The Cat

Harlem Takes It To The Streets…

New York City R&B; Vocal Groups

Matt The Cat features some of the most important Doo Wop groups to come out of the New York City scene during the 1950s. Hear what The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and of course HARLEM have to offer, including great records by The Cadillacs, The Crests, The Dubs, The Chantels and so much more. New York City Doo Wop, all this week on HARLEM; The Soul That Came Before Rock n’ Roll.

HARLEM airs on the 50s on 5:
Monday 8/4 @ 1pm over Harlem
Tuesday Night 8/5 @ 9pm over LA & Midnight over Jamaica, Queens
Friday 8/8 @ 6pm over Coney Island
Sunday 8/10 @ 11am over The Bronx
27th July
written by Matt The Cat

The Father Of Modern Blues Guitar…

T-Bone Walker

He is probably the most influential post WWII guitarist, having effected the styles of everyone from B. B. King and Chuck Berry to Jimi Hendrix, who mimicked his antics on-stage. This week’s HARLEM will look at T-Bone’s beginnings with Capitol Records and move into his heyday with the Black & White and Imperial labels during the late 1940s into the early 1950s. Rock n’ Roll guitar work owes a lot to this often overlooked legend. Matt The Cat uncovers the essential T-Bone Walker, this week on HARLEM.

Harlem Airs on the 50s on 5:
Monday 7/28 @ 1pm ET
Tuesday 7/29 @ 9pm PT – Midnight ET
Friday 8/1 @ 6pm ET
Sunday 8/3 @ 11am ET

18th July
written by Matt The Cat
Floyd Dixon

Two years ago on July 26th, we lost one of R&B;’s most beloved and influential artists; Floyd Dixon. Bill Wax from XM’s Bluesville and Matt The Cat had the privilege to speak to Floyd only a few months before he died. This week, “Harlem” looks back on the amazing career of Floyd Dixon with many of Floyd’s stories told in his own words. From the original “Hey Bartender” (covered by The Blues Brothers) to “Dallas Blues” and “Call Operator 210”, Floyd was a blues original. His story airs this week on “Harlem”.

Harlem Airs on the 50s on 5
Monday 7/21 @ 1pm ET
Tuesday 7/22 @ midnight ET – 9pm PT
Friday 725 @ 6pm ET
Sun 7/27 @ 11am ET

This one’s for Floyd!

Matt The Cat