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29th March
written by Matt The Cat

Harlem is GOING…GOING….GONE!!!

Rhythm & Blues Baseball Songs

In 1947, Jackie Robinson and Larry Doby injected hope into the hearts of millions of Americans as they broke down the colour-barrier in major league baseball. This joy is reflected in the rhythm and blues music that emerged. This week, Matt The Cat takes you out to the ol’ ballgame with stacks of hot wax celebrating America’s great pastime. Celebrate XM’s coverage of MLB with HARLEM on the 50s on 5.

Harlem airs on the 50s on 5:
Monday 4/2 @ 1pm over Fenway Park
Tuesday 4/3 @ 9pm over Dodger Stadium & Midnight over Shea Stadium
Friday 4/6 @ 6pm over Ebbets Field
Sunday 4/8 @ 11am over Turner Field in Atlanta


26th March
written by Matt The Cat
Night Prowl
Baseball Show

BASEBALL IS BACK!! And so is the annual Night Prowl Baseball Show. Join me Monday Night (4/2), the first official full day of baseball, for a show filled with baseball songs, baseball talk and even a visit from the late, great Cubs announcer Harry Caray (live from baseball announcer heaven).
Play Ball…on the Night Prowl Show!

23rd March
written by Matt The Cat

Night Prowlers,

It’s baaaaaack!
The new Plattah Chattah Forum is now

I have added several topics to the new and improved forum to better serve your posting desires. This is a great way for Night Prowlers to chat and stay in touch with each other.
If you have already signed up, then your accounts remain as they were before.

If you are new to the Plattah Chattah Forum, please register and begin posting messages to your fellow Night Prowlers.

Please only post a topic in the forum that most resembles your desired topic. Also, please be nice to your fellow Prowlers and posters. Rude postings and disregard for someone else’s taste and opinions will NOT be tolerated on this forum.

Now go have fun and post away….

The Plattah Chattah Forum

Matt The Cat
Your Always Furry Leader!