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26th June
written by Matt The Cat

Robins Fly Over White Cliffs Of Dover

“The White Cliffs Of Dover'”

Robins : 55 Votes

Blue Jays : 39 Votes

More Prowlers seemed to prefer the Robin’ uptempo take on the WWII classic, “White Cliffs Of Dover” over the Blue Jays mellow version. Since bluebirds are a North American bird and can’t fly over the real White Cliffs of Dover in England, maybe Robins can now fly over them?

This week, we get back to our Summer Theme on the FNCF with the first of 2 shows dedicated to Surf Music. This week’s show is all about the vocal side of Surf Music, featuring tunes from The Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, The Fantastic Baggys and The Honeys as well as a Cat Fight between The Trashmen and The Ramones over the classic, “Surfin’ Bird”.

These bitchin’ tunes are BOSS!

Friday Night Cat Fight On The Web!

12th June
written by Matt The Cat

Ruby Is Queen Of Summer Love!

“My Summer Love ‘”

Ruby & The Romantics : 66 Votes

The Tymes : 19 Votes

Ruby proves that she is the queen of summer love as she wins the final “Summer Song” Friday Night Cat Fight. It looks like Sam Cooke has pulled ahead with 3 votes over Billy Stewart over “Summertime” from 3 weeks ago. The Marcels are just one vote behind Billy. This is the closest Cat Fight yet and it still rages on.

This week’s Friday Night Cat Fight returns to the bread and butter that made my XM programs so successful; Doo wop. I’m featuring an hour of “ultra” rare doo wop records. How rare, you ask? Well, these records are SO RARE that none of them were EVER played on my old radio programs. I intentionally stayed away from the ol’ Night Prowl Show favorites. So if you were a big fan of the old show, you’ll be hearing a lot of “new” stuff on this week’s Cat Fight.

Whether you call this music doo wop or vocal group harmony, you’re sure to dig this extra heapin’ helpin’ of smooth harmony sounds. You will also get to vote on the doo wop classic, “White Cliffs Of Dover.” I’m presenting 2 versions that never got airplay on the old show. So sit back, relax and pretend like it was 2006 and all is well with the world.

Friday Night Cat Fight On The Web!

5th June
written by Matt The Cat

Eddie is KING of SUMMER!

“Summertime Blues'”

Eddie Cochran : 84 Votes

Blue Cheer : 5 Votes

The Who : 2 Votes

Eddie Cochran racked up the votes as many suspected that he would. I thought he’d win, but I had no idea that it would be THIS much of a landslide. WOW! Eddie got 93% of the vote and showed the others who has the REAL “Summertime Blues”.

The Cat Fight from 2 weeks ago over the tune “Summertime” is still too close to call. At this writing, Sam Cooke has snuck a one vote lead, but it’s still anyone’s Cat Fight as both Billy Steward and The Marcels are right up there.

I conclude my 3 part series on summer songs with the most eclectic show yet. Where else can you hear the world’s greatest Gospel singer singing a secular song right next to Elvis Costello, The Holidays, Fountains Of Wayne and The Videls? Only on the “World Famous” Friday Night Cat Fight!

Plus, listen to and vote for your all-time favorite version of the song “My Summer Love.” It’s summertime, summertime, and we’re feelin’ the burn on the Friday Night Cat Fight Show.

Friday Night Cat Fight On The Web!