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30th October
written by Matt The Cat

Death By Teenage!Death By Teenage – Teen Tragedy Songs From The 50s and 60s!

Death By Teenage was a feature that I used to run every Halloween night on my old XM Radio Show, “The Night Prowl”. Each year, I examined this sub-genre of rock n’ roll chart phenomenon. Most of these songs were huge records and the writers and artists just kept pumping them out. It wasn’t enough that many of these songs featured love tortured teens dying in car crashes, no no, they soon added plane crashes, train crashes, shark encounters and even lightning strikes. All of these teens share one comonality, they all suffered “DEATH BY TEENAGE!”

So let’s listen to some of the greatest, melodramatic teenage tragedy songs ever recorded. You’ll here 2 by Ray Peterson and Dickey Lee. Songs by The Shangri-Las, Cathy Carroll and Johnny Cymbal will also be featured.

Then, vote for your all-time favorite teenage tragedy tune. Vote for “Other”, if yours is not listed and tell us why you voted in the “comments” section.

Get ready to cry until you laugh…it’s “Death By Teenage!”

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23rd October
written by Matt The Cat


Pop Culture Monsters (Drac, Frank, Wolfie & Mummy)

We celebrate part 2 of my 3 part podcast series on Halloween with many of the monsters and creatures you know from pop culture. We’ll hear rare songs about Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolfman and The Mummy. You’ll hear ghoulishly groovy tunes from The Hollywood Flames, The Edgar Winter Group, John Zacherle and The Calvanes.

Vote for your favorite version of the classic, “I Put A Spell On You” and don’t miss next week’s final part in the series, “Death By Teenage”.

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16th October
written by Matt The Cat

It Was A Graveyard Smash…


Creature & Monster Songs

Welcome to part one of my three part Halloween series of themed podcasts. We begin this very popular theme with songs about creatures and monsters. You’ll hear frightful favorites from The Jayhawks, Dave Edmunds, John Zacherle and Bo Diddley. Plus, a never before heard interview that I did with the now late great Bobby “Boris” Pickett. I was only 15 years old when I got the chance to interview him and he was a true gentleman.

VOTE for your favorite version of the Halloween classic “Monster Mash” and get ready for more tricks and treats on next week’s show.

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