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30th August
written by Matt The Cat

Harlem Takes It To The Streets…

New York City R&B; Vocal Groups

Matt The Cat features some of the most important Doo Wop groups to come out of the New York City scene during the 1950s. Hear what The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and of course HARLEM have to offer, including great records by The Cadillacs, The Crests, The Dubs, The Chantels and so much more. New York City Doo Wop, all this week on HARLEM; The Soul That Came Before Rock n’ Roll.

HARLEM airs on the 50s on 5:
Monday 9/3 @ 1pm over Harlem
Tuesday Night 9/4 @ 9pm over LA & Midnight over Jamaica, Queens
Friday 9/7 @ 6pm over Coney Island
Sunday 9/9 @ 11am over The Bronx
26th August
written by Matt The Cat

Battle Of The BIRD Groups

Feathers are going to fly this week as the rhythm and blues BIRD groups invade for a rumble in the streets of HARLEM on the 50s on 5. You’ll hear the Cardinals go beak to beak with The Swallows, The Crows, The Blue Jays and even the Meadowlarks. Don’t miss the MAIN EVENT: The RAVENS vs. The ORIOLES!! Matt The Cat will have the story behind the story on the Ravens with R&B; historian Billy Vera and Diz Russell of the Orioles tells Matt about the legendary Sonny Til. So board up your windows and cover your heads for the BATTLE OF THE BIRD GROUPS, this week on HARLEM.

Harlem airs on the 50s on 5:
Monday 8/27 @ 1pm EST
Tuesday 8/28 @ 9pm over LA & Midnight over NYC
Friday 8/31 @ 6pm EST
Sunday 9/2 @ 11am over Harlem

19th August
written by Matt The Cat

Is a record collector ever really on vacation? The answer is no, of course. So on this, my second day of official vacation from my XM Radio show, I picked up a few great 78s. I was very pleased to find LaVern Baker doing a great version of “Trying”, uncredited with the Todd Rhodes Orch backing her up as well as Sam Cooke doing his great rendition of “Summertime” as the original flip of “You Send Me”. No Cardinals 78s today though. I still sit at 6 out of 12 Cardinals 78s on Atlantic. Someday….someday. Still, going through stacks of 78s on one’s vacation is OK with me. I also finally found a mono copy of Rolling Stones “Now!” on London as well as Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers “The Big Beat” on Blue Note. It was a good day.