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24th April
written by Matt The Cat

Led Zep Takes Cat Fight

“Whole Lotta Love ”

Led Zeppelin : 42 Votes

Muddy Waters “You Need Love” : 30 Votes

Small Faces “You Need Loving” : 15 Votes

Led Zeppelin made “Whole Lotta Love” their own in 1969, but they didn’t do it without inspiration from both Muddy Waters and The Small Faces. I hope you dug that little history of a rock n’ roll classic?

This week’s Cat Fight Show is entirely based on Rockabilly Music and girls’ names. Dig on the show and then vote for either Dorsey Burnette OR Clint Miller over the classic “Bertha Lou.” Get the interesting story behind that tune and many others now on The Friday Night Cat Fight!

Friday Night Cat Fight On The Web!

23rd April
written by Matt The Cat

I had a wonderful experience today. My wife Kelly’s grandfather, James Gleason visited Washington, DC to see the memorial that was erected to honor those, like himself, who fought in WWII. A great not-for-profit organization called Honor Flight flies veterans, free of charge, to DC, so that they may get the opportunity to see the great memorials that stand in their honor.

I brought along an audio recorder so that I could get a few great stories out of Grampa. Below is a link to that conversation.

I’ve only known Grampa for a few short years, but I have learned so much from him. Pictures of today’s event will follow soon, but I wanted to get this audio up right away.

Thanks for coming to visit YOUR memorial, Grampa.

17th April
written by Matt The Cat
Buddy Johnson Knocks It Out!

“Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball “

Buddy Johnson : 44 Votes

Count Basie : 39 Votes

We had a great competition over the past two weeks between two heavy weights: Buddy Johnson and Count Basie. In the end though, Buddy’s R&B; hit version of “Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball” beat out Basie’s non-hit. What a great start to what is already shaping up to be an interesting baseball season.

This week, we trace the history and evolution of the Led Zeppelin classic, “Whole Lotta Love”. It should come as no surprise that Zeppelin found a lot of inspiration in American blues as they are nothing more than a hard rockin’ blues band. Dig the show and vote for the version of the song you dig the most. I’ve also included a doo wop version of “Whole Lotta Love” in the mix, just to keep things interesting.

Friday Night Cat Fight On The Web!