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29th September
written by Matt The Cat
Rhythm & Blues Drinking Songs
Part 2 (still drunk)
Harlem just can’t be satisfied. We’re still thirsty for some Whiskey, Gin & Wine, so we’re headin’ back to the bar, pub and juke joint for some more Rhythm & Blues Drinking Songs. This week, you’ll hear a new set of drinkin’ songs from Wynonie “Mr. Blues” Harris, Stick McGhee, The Clovers, Big Jay McNeely and many many more. Harlem’s philosophy: What’s the use of getting sober, when you’re only gonna get drunk again.

Harlem Airs on The 50s on 5:
Monday, 10/2 at 1pm over a juke joint in Mississippi
Tuesday night 10/3 at 9pm over a dive in LA and midnight over a pub in Boston
Friday 10/6 at 6pm over a gin mill in Baltimore
Sunday 10/8 at 11am for the morning after

Who drank my beer, while I was in the rear?

26th September
written by Matt The Cat

Bluesday Tuesday:
An extra heapin’ helpin’ of R&B; and blues to get cha ready for R&B; Drinkin’ Songs Pt. 1 edition of Harlem that airs tonight at midnight EST / 9pm PST.
-John Zacherle, who’s song “Dinner With Drac” was a hit in 1958 is 88 today.
-Marty Robbins, my favorite cowboy was born on this day in 1925.
-Julie London was born today in 1926.

West Coast Wednesday:
Paying tribute to the groups and artists from the West Coast that sometimes get left behind. We’ll hear from Rosie & The Originals, The Calvanes, Ritchie Valens, Don Julian, The Wailers, The Fleetwoods and of course THE PENGUINS; The Greatest Vocal Group From The West Coast.

Doo Wop Thursday:
Doo Wop Thursday RETURNS with a few special guest surprises. Tune in to find out who will be joining Matt The Cat as we honor the greatest Doo Wop to come out of the 1950s and early 1960s.

Killer Friday:
Join us as we celebrate Jerry Lee Lewis’ 71st birthday, Night Prowl style.

ALSO: Frankie Lymon would have been 64 on Saturday, Sept. 30th, so we’ll honor him as well.
DON’T FORGET! Friday Night Cat Fight at 10pm EST – 7pm PST to start your weekend off right.


22nd September
written by Matt The Cat
“Baby don’t take my whiskey away from me” -Wynonie “Mr. Blues” Harris
“I’m drinking wine spoo-dee-o-dee, drinking wine BAAAP BAAAAP” -Stick McGhee
“One Mint Julep was the cause of it all” -The Clovers
Rhythm & Blues Drinking Songs Part 1

Harlem bellies up to the bar for one bourbon, one scotch, one beer and a whole bucket-load of early 50s rhythm and blues DRINKING SONGS!!

Harlem will be loaded on a XM radio near you:
Monday Afternoon 9/25 @ 1pm over pubs in NYC
Tuesday Night 9/26 @ 9pm at the Barrelhouse in LA and Midnight at Ol’ Devil Moon in NYC
Friday Night 9/29 @ 6pm on the floor of T’s pub in Boston
Sunday Morning 10/1 @ 11am passed out on a bench in Philly

Don’t miss PART 2 next week. Harlem: Still Drunk!