29th December
written by Matt The Cat

Juke In The Back,” your weekly showcase for 1940s and ’50s rhythm & blues or as I like to say, the “soul that came before rock n’ roll” is now a featured show on worldwide radio distributor, TuneIn Radio.

TuneIn is featuring “Juke In The Back” under the “Oldies” category in their “Music” section.  Here is the link to TuneIn’s “Juke In The Back” page.

Now, listeners will have access to the current “Juke In The Back” episode as well as archived past episodes and access to over 50,000 other radio stations worldwide.  If you live in Washington, DC and you want to listen to radio stations in Boston, London or LA, no problem, just dial them up on the TuneIn mobile phone app, their website or their app on TV devices like ROKU and AppleTV.  The wide world of radio is now in the palm of your hand with TuneIn.  Best of all, it’s free to use.

Find TuneIn mobile apps here.


18th January
written by Matt The Cat

January 18, 2011

Washington, DC – Matt The Cat, host of the weekly classic rhythm & blues music program, “Juke In The Back” is pleased to announce the addition of 3 new radio affiliates.  Beginning this week, “Juke In The Back” begins airing on WTMD 89.7 FM in Baltimore, MD.  The show will air on Fridays from 10-11pm.  More information is available at  Baltimore is by far the largest market that “Juke” has aired on in its 10 month history.  Matt The Cat says, “WTMD is known in the Baltimore/DC community for its fantastic, eclectic and independent programming and I’m so happy that ‘Juke In The Back’ is now apart of that great tradition.”  WTMD will be running 2 “Juke” shows back to back on Friday Nights.  The 10:00 hour will feature the latest episode, while the 11:00 hour will feature a replay of a previous “Juke In The Back” episode.

Beginning on Sunday, January 23, 2011, “Juke In The Back” will also be heard on KZUM 89.3 FM in Lincoln, NE.  The show will air from 9-10 PM and join KZUM’s eclectic programming which ranges from jazz to blues to funk and hip-hop.  More information on KZUM can be found at

“Juke In The Back” hits the New Haven, CT area on Tuesday Mornings at 10 AM on 88.7 FM WNHU starting today.  WNHU is well known throughout the community as a diverse music radio destination.  More info at

Along with these three new radio affiliates, you can also catch “Juke In The Back” on 11 other radio stations, nationally.  The show was first aired on KZGM in Cabool, MO in late April of 2010 and has grown quickly, adding new affiliates every month.  “Juke” is available to both public and commercial radio stations.  Matt The Cat produces two versions of the show weekly from his studio in Washington, DC.  “Juke” highlights the Rhythm & Blues records that came out just after World War II that helped pave the way for the birth of Rock n’ Roll during the mid-1950s.  The records he plays directly influenced a young Elvis Presley (he covered many of the R&B tunes he loved for his early recordings on Sun Records), Buddy Holly, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Kinks and even today’s superstars, The Black Keys.  This music is largely forgotten and ignored, but it vibrates with passion and intensity and was literally the music of a generation.  “Juke In The Back” is pure Americana and it’s vital in understanding the musical and social roots of American Music.

“Juke In The Back” is looking for underwriters (for its Public Radio Broadcasts) and advertisers (for its commercial radio broadcasts).  Anyone interested in getting their message out on “Juke In The Back,” should email Matt The Cat directly.

“Juke In The Back” is distributed weekly through FTP, Pacifica Radio’s Audio Port and NPR’s  For more information, see

Here is a list of the stations that currently air “Juke In The Back.”

KZGM 88.1 FM in Cabool, MO

Sunday Nights at 7 PM Central

Listen Online Live at

WTMD 89.7 FM in Baltimore, MD

Friday Nights at 10 PM Eastern

Listen Live online at:

KVPI 92.5 FM in Ville Platte, LA

Sunday Nights at 8 PM Central

Listen online live at:

WSKW (Legacy 1160 AM) in Skowhegan, ME

Saturdays 6 PM Eastern

Sundays 2 PM Eastern

Listen live online at

WNHU 88.7 FM in New Haven, CT

Tuesdays at 10 AM Eastern

Listen Live at:

KZUM 89.3 FM in Lincoln, NE

Sundays at 9pm Central

Listen live online at:

WLWL (Big Wave Radio) 770 AM in Rockingham, NC

Saturdays at noon Eastern

WHWS 105.7 FM in Genva, NY

Saturday Nights at 9 PM Eastern

Listen live at

KPOV 106.7 FM in Bend, OR

Friday evenings at 5 PM Pacific

Listen live at

KPVL 89.1 FM in Postville, IA

Friday Nights at 8 PM Central

WESU 88.1 FM in Middleton, CT

Thursday Mornings at 3 AM Eastern

Listen live at

WAZU 90.7 FM in Peoria, IL

Sunday Nights at 7 PM Central

WYAP 101.7 FM in Clay, WV

Friday and Saturday Nights at various times

Listen online at

WERU 89.9 FM in Blue Hill, ME

2nd July
written by Matt The Cat

This Sunday at 8pm CDT, “Juke In The Back With Matt The Cat” will debut on its first commercial FM station.  Currently, “Juke” can be heard on several Pacifica Public Radio Network stations across the country and it is sometimes carried on NPR stations.  This weekend, the special July 4th edition of the show, featuring classic R&B songs about food will debut on commercial station KVPI in Ville Platte, Louisiana.  I am absolutely thrilled that this program appeals to both the public radio audience as well as the commercial radio audience.  May this be the first of many more commercial and public radio affiliates for “Juke In The Back.”

Listen from anywhere on the net through KVPI’s website stream at:  Their homepage can be found here: 

About “Juke In The Back”:

Matt The Cat presents the soul that came before rock n’ roll: 1950s rhythm and blues. Each week, this underrated and rollicking music plays on that old Rockola Jukebox in the back.

If you wanted to hear rhythm & blues during the 1950s, you couldn’t get it from the juke box in the front. No, no! In order to hear that glorious, down and dirty R&B, you had to go to the low-lit, spit-shined “Juke In The Back.” These songs are the building blocks of rock n’ roll. These are the records that inspired Elvis and single-handedly led to the rock n’ roll explosion of the mid-1950s. Big Joe Turner, Fats Domino, Little Richard, Ruth Brown, Ray Charles, Wynonie Harris, LaVern Baker, Roy Brown, Joe Liggins, Professor Longhair and many more take center stage on The Juke In The Back. Matt The Cat hosted a similar program on XM Satellite Radio called “Harlem” and now he brings this great music and information back to radio.

More information as well as show playlists are post on