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24th July
written by Matt The Cat

Mr. Personality

Lloyd Price

Lloyd Price visits with Matt The Cat

The Matt The Cat Interview


In his new book, Lloyd Price makes a convincing claim to be “The TRUE King Of The ’50s”. After all, he was the cat who helped integrate the races when both black and white kids were dancing to and buying his 1952 smash, “Lawdy Miss Clawdy”. He was the first teenager to sell over a million copies of a record. He was barely in his 20s when he started his own record label. He was one of the first artists to get a lucrative deal from a record label and he dominated the pop and R&B; charts at the end of the decade with “Stagger Lee”, “Personality” and “I’m Gonna Get Married”. And now for the first time, Lloyd Price tells his OWN story in his OWN words to me, Matt The Cat.

This is the uncut, unadulterated, unabridged Lloyd Price interview, complete with his insight, his stories and his music. Lloyd talks about his entire career, from helping to invent rock n’ roll with “Lawdy Miss Clawdy” to staging one of the biggest sporting events in history with “The Rumble In The Jungle”. It’s all here for you to enjoy.


At the end of the program, we’ll have a traditional Friday Night Cat Fight and a chance for YOU to VOTE for the TRUE KING of the ’50s!

Click Here To Hear Lloyd Price w/ Matt The Cat

Lloyd Price&squot;s ORIGINAL "Lawdy Miss Claudy" on a Specialty Records 78

17th July
written by Matt The Cat

“Cherry Pie” is sweet for Marvin & Johnny!

“Cherry Pie ”

Marvin & Johnny : 58 Votes

Skip & Flip : 22 Votes

I hope you enjoyed my Cat Fight R&B; Spotlight on Marvin & Johnny. They didn’t seem to have any trouble beating out Skip & Flip for the “Cherry Pie” glory.

The Friday Night Cat Fight honors the summertime tradition of letter writing. Yes, before email, paging, texting and tweets, the only way to tell someone the feelings deep in your heart was to hand write them a letter. Even today, there is no more genuine way to communicate than letter writing.

This week’s crop of themed tunes focuses on the joys and heartbreaks around the receiving and sending of letters. Ruth Brown, Little Willie John, Buddy Holly and many more are featured on this week’s show.

Plus, vote for your favorite version of “Write Me A Letter”. So here’s hoping that the mailman brings you no more blues.

Friday Night Cat Fight On The Web!

10th July
written by Matt The Cat

Surfari’s DON’T “Wipe Out”!

“Greatest Surf Instrumental Of All-Time”

Surfaris – “Wipe Out” : 28 Votes

Ventures – “Walk-Don’t Run” : 27 Votes

We’ve got another real close call this week on The Friday Night Cat Fight. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, The Surfaris don’t pull off a decisive win as The Ventures are right on their backs as the Prowlers vote for their favorite Surf Instrumental of ALL-Time. The Chantay’s “Pipeline” came in third with 12 votes, while Dick Dale & The Del-Tones racked up 10 votes for “Misirlou”. Check the “Comments” section by clicking HERE to see what other surf songs the Prowlers voted for.

This week, the Cat Fight breaks new ground as I spend an entire show on the underrated R&B; stylings of MARVIN PHILLIPS!

I cover Marvin’s entire career from his early days with Richard Lewis and Big Jay McNeely to his breakthrough with Jesse Belvin as Jesse & Marvin (1952) and the formation of Marvin & Johnny. You’ll learn which “Johnny” is on which recording and also get to hear some of Marvin’s solo material as well as vote for your favorite version of the classic, “Cherry Pie”. This format should remind you a lot of how my old “Harlem” show used to sound on XM’s 50s Channel, so I hope you enjoy it!

Friday Night Cat Fight On The Web!