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29th May
written by Matt The Cat

It’s a TIE!

“Summertime ‘”

Sam Cooke : 31 Votes

Billy Stewart : 31 Votes

The Marcels : 28 Votes

Big Brother & The Holding Company : 5 Votes

WOW! It’s a TIE! Too close to call this week over the Gershwin classic “Summertime.” At the time I’m sending this out, both Sam Cooke and Billy Stewart have 31 votes, which The Marcels close behind with 28 solid votes. We’ll keep this Cat Fight open to see how it is eventually resolved. What a way to start the summer season.

The Friday Night Cat Fight keeps those summer vibes coming with part 2 of my 3 part series on the summer theme. This week, we hear The Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, The Four Buddies and Jonathan Richman just to name a few.

Listen to all three definitive versions of the classic “Summertime Blues” and vote for the one you just can’t start your summer without.

Friday Night Cat Fight On The Web!

26th May
written by Matt The Cat

Cats n’ kittens,

I received a very nice mention in today’s (5/26/09) New York Daily News. Here is the link to the David Hinckley article on Satellite Radio. He has many good points about why satellite radio is a very good thing, but it would be an even better, “If I were the boss, “High Standards” and Matt the Cat would return tomorrow.” Read the whole article here:;

22nd May
written by Matt The Cat

JB Wins!

“Night Train ‘”

James Brown : 41 Votes

Buddy Morrow : 26 Votes

Jimmy Forrest : 12 Votes

All three versions of the song were great, but the Prowlers chose JB’s vocal version of the song over the other two very strong instrumentals. And that wraps up my 3 part series on train songs. Thanks so much for listening and voting for your favorites.

Memorial Day Weekend starts off right as we begin our first part on the “summer song” theme. Other than Christmas, no other part of the year is better represented in song than summertime. You’ll hear a great variety of artists and styles this week including Sam Cooke, The Danleers, DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince and Roy Orbison.

Listen to the show and vote for your all-time favorite version of the Gershwin classic, “Summertime” and don’t miss part 2, coming next week.

Friday Night Cat Fight On The Web!