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29th February
written by Matt The Cat

Lloyd Price almost single-handedly invented rock n’ roll back in 1952 with the immortal “Lawdy Miss Clawdy”. It was this song that got the black kids dancing with the white kids and they haven’t stopped since. Lloyd joins Matt The Cat for a deep look at the early ’50s recordings he did for the Specialty Label. Lloyd takes you behind the scenes to what really went down in new Orleans. Don’t miss this R&B; legend all week long on HARLEM.

Harlem Airs on the 50s on 5:
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Tuesday Night 3/4 at 9pm PST & Midnight EST
Friday 3/7 @ 6pm over Atlanta
Sunday 3/9 @ 11am over Boston & 10am over New Orleans


28th February
written by Matt The Cat

Here is Jimmie Rodgers in his first appearance since he had the steel plate removed from his head. We were lucky enough to get Jimmie to come on the Bozo/Night Prowl Cruise with us. My jaw hung open the whole time as I watched Jimmie play the classic folk tune “500 Miles” and dedicate it to his friend Buddy Holly. It was just breathtaking to watch. Now, you can see it to. Watch below. Thanks to Jimmie’s son, Michael Rodgers for providing this clip from the cruise.[youtube=]

24th February
written by Matt The Cat

WOW! What a trip we had cruisin’ the Mexican Riviera. I have begun posting photos of our trip over on the Night Prowl Show Cruise ’08 page. If anyone has photos that they’d like me to post, please email them to me as an attachment. I want to get a nice cross-section of what the cruise was like, so I won’t be posting more of the same photos. I’m looking for different looking photos so everyone who couldn’t attend can see what it was like to cruise the Pacific.

We spent 8 days aboard the marvelous Norwegian Star cruise ship and stopped first at Acapulco, Mexico. We then dug the intimate and very refreshingly non-American Zihuatanejo and the beautiful Puerto Vallarta. We ended in Cabo San Lucas and then returned to our home port in Los Angeles. We couldn’t have had a nicer time. On the last day of the cruise, while we were at sea, we staged a memorable concert, featuring Jimmie Rodgers, who hasn’t performed in nearly 4 years and Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon, who just brought the house down. Carl Dobkins Jr. and Judy Ricci also sang their hearts out. I want to thank The Truckin’ Bozo for including us Night Prowlers on his yearly cruise this year. We had a blast. Now go check out those pics!