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This page honors the artists that have won 5 consecutive Friday Night Cat Fights The artists listed below are so good and powerful, that they transcend competition and can no longer compete in the Friday Night Cat Fight due to their sheer dominance. They are the best of the best.










Roy Orbison wasn't the best looking of early rock n' roll idols and he wasn't a virtuoso of the guitar, but he had a voice and craft for songwriting that is second to none. It is fitting that "The Big O" is the first to be inducted into the now prestigious Night Prowl Alley Of Fame. Roy won five consecutive Friday Night Cat Fights, so let's see how he did it.

Week #1: "Love Hurts"

Roy Orbison: 50 votes

Everly Brothers: 37 votes

Week #2: "Lana"

Roy Orbison: 57 votes

The Velvets: 16 votes

Week #3: "Go, Go, Go"

Roy Orbison: 51 votes

Jerry Lee Lewis: 31 votes

Week #4: "Today's Teardrops"

Roy Orbison: 64 votes

Ricky Nelson: 33 votes

Week #5: "Mean Woman Blues"

Roy Orbison: 49 votes

Elvis Presley: 9 votes













Fats Domino's boogie woogie piano style is so widely loved, that he is one of the most recognizable artists from the first wave of Rock n' Roll. His style trancends race, color and genre. It's this incredible popularity along with a knack for killer songcraft that led Fats Domino to the "Alley Of Fame". Let's retrace his road to victory.

WEEK #1:"I Can't Go On (Rosalie)"

Fats Domino: 48

Dion & The Belmonts: 35

WEEK #2: "Please Don't Leave Me"

Fats Domino: 65

Four Lovers: 7

WEEK #3: "I'm Walkin'"

Fats Domino: 62

Ricky Nelson: 19

WEEK #4: "Let The Four Winds Blow"

Fats Domino: 85

Roy Brown: 8

WEEK #5: "I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday"

Fats Domino: 80

Bobby Mitchell: 7



It's hard to beat the harmonies created by Otis Williams and The Charms as their opponents learned over the the five week period that Otis Williams and his group dominated The Friday Night Cat Fight.

WEEK #1: "Hearts Of Stone"

Otis Williams: 61

The Jewels: 22

WEEK #2: "Gum Drop"

Otis Williams: 57

Crew Cuts: 19

WEEK #3: "In Paradise"

Otis Williams: 53

The Cookies: 33

WEEK #4: "Ivory Tower"

Otis Williams: 49

Cathy Carr: 25

WEEK #5: "Hearts Of Stone" (#2)

Otis Williams: 41

Fontane Sisters: 22

4. The Five Keys

The Five Keys become the 2nd vocal group inducted into the "Alley Of Fame". How did they do it? Well, they completely eliminated their competition with their fantastic vocal harmonies and smooth presentation.

WEEK #1: "The Glory Of Love"

The Five Keys: 105

The Angels: 50

WEEK #2: "From The Bottom Of My Heart"

The Five Keys:77

The Clovers: 61

WEEK #3: "Ling Ting Tong"

The Five Keys: 126

Buddy Knox: 35

WEEK #4: "Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind"

The Five Keys: 127

Sunny & The Sunglows: 23

WEEK #5: "The Glory Of Love" #2

The Five Keys: 103

The Velvetones: 37


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