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11th December
written by Matt The Cat

Brenda Lee turns 62 today. We celebrate Little Miss Dynamite’s birthday with a special show.
Big Mama Thornton was born on this day in 1926.
Sam Cooke was shot to death in a Los Angeles motel today in 1964.

Bluesday Tuesday:
Frank Sinatra would have been 91 today.
Connie Francis turns 68 today.
Dionne Warwick is 67 today.

West Coast Wednesday:
We focus on the great sounds that came outta the West Coast. Vocal groups like The Medallions, rockers like Ritchie Valens and instrumental groups like The Wailers will all be celebrated.

Rockabilly Thursday:
Some of the hottest, wildest, craziest music to emerge from the 1950s was rockabilly. The Night Prowl honors Gene Vincent, Carl Perkins, Sonny Burgess, Charlie Feathers and so many more on Rockabilly Thursday.

Also, Dinah Washington dies of an accidental overdose of pills on this day in 1963.

Rock n’ Roll DJ Alan Freed is born on this day in 1922. We’ll hear some history sounds from Freed’s influential days in radio.
The great Jesse Belvin was born today in 1932. He would become a very influential part of the Los Angeles R&B; scene.
Jerry Wallace is 78.
Both Rufus Thomas (2001) and Jackie Brenston (1979) die on this day.
The Friday Night Cat Fight returns with a special Christmas Cat Fight. Get the nog ready and don’t miss a Night Prowl Show this week!

8th December
written by Matt The Cat
The Women Of HARLEM

This week HARLEM dedicates an entire hour to those women of rhythm and blues that changed the world. Their names are legendary and so is their music. You’ll hear Ruth Brown, Ann Cole, LaVern Baker, Sister Wynona Carr, Big Mama Thornton and Hadda Brooks, just to name a few. These women mean business and they’re gonna show Matt The Cat a thing or two about livin’, lovin’ and drinkin’. Watch out.

Harlem Airs on The 50s on 5:
Monday 12/11 @ 1pm EST
Tuesday 12/12 @ 9pm over LA & Midnight over NYC
Friday 12/15 @ 6pm EST
Sunday 12/17 @ 11am

3rd December
written by Matt The Cat

Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon turns 66 and we’re gonna celebrate with him on the Night Prowl Show!

Bluesday Tuesday:
Little Richard turns 74 and we’re certainly not gonna miss it. We’ll feature lots of R&B; and blues to get you ready for The Spiders on Harlem (9pm PST – midnight EST).

West Coast Wednesday:
Roy Orbison dies of a massive heart attack on this day in 1988. The Night Prowl remembers The “Big O” and plays an added amount of West Coast sounds.

Chart Thursday:
Chart Thursday returns with to countdown some great charts from this week in December.

The Friday Night Cat Fight is back, as well as honoring:
R&B; legend, Johnny Otis, who turns 85 today.
The “Iceman”, Jerry Butler is 67.
My favorite cowboy, Marty Robbins, dies in 1982