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1st December
written by Matt The Cat

New Orleans isn’t a town known for its R&B; vocal groups, which makes the fact that THE SPIDERS come from the crescent city all that more important. Brothers Chuck and Chick Carbo began in 1947 as the Zion City Harmonizers, a gospel group with a flair for rhythm. In 1953, they went secular and became THE SPIDERS under the direction of bandleader/A&R; man Dave Bartholomew and were signed to Imperial Records. Hits like “I Didn’t Want To Do It”, “Witchcraft” and “I’m Slippin’ In” followed and the rest is rhythm & blues history. This week, Matt The Cat unearths some fantabulous SPIDERS sides and brings ’em up to HARLEM.

Harlem airs on the 50s on 5:
Monday 12/4 @ 1pm over Queens, NY
Tuesday 12/5 @ 9pm over LA – midnight over Philly, PA
Friday 12/8 @ 6pm over Portland, ME
Sunday 12/10 @ 11am over Hyannis, MA