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3rd January
written by Matt The Cat

Happy New Year, Cats & Kittens,

Well, 2008 is finally over and although one part of me is happy about this, there were a lot of great things that did happen in 2008. First of all, I got married to the love of my life, so that’s saying something pretty extraordinary. We also elected the first African-American President and I’m very proud to have been apart of that. However, the rest of 2008 was pretty damn lackluster, with me losing my job at XM Satellite Radio and the economy going into the toilet.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2009!

I’ve been keeping busy updating I recently added my interview with Ernie Maresca to my Interviews Page. Plus, the Friday Night Cat Fight continues week to week and have been getting a tremendous response. You just can’t keep a good feature down! Click here to vote in the latest Cat Fight. It’s a doo wop battle royale.

I hope to have a new radio home soon, so I can bring great music back to my Prowlers.

Keep on prowlin’ fine in 2009!

Ooooooh babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Soulfully yours,
Matt The Cat