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30th October
written by Matt The Cat
The Halloween Friday Night Cat Fight

The Night Prowlers have spoken loud and clear. You want the Friday Night Cat Fight to continue on the web and so it shall. Thanks so much for your tremendous response to the Cat Fight’s “test” week. I had over 600 hits to the Cat Fight web page and 241 votes. This was larger than any Cat Fight ever held on XM Radio. I am so thrilled that the Cat Fight continues to make prowlers happy.

This week’s Friday Night Cat Fight highlights the greatest teenage tragedy song of them all and represents a first in Cat Fight history as I go out of the realm of the 1950s and early 60s. Every Halloween on The Night Prowl Show, I’d feature “Death By Teenage”, my tribute to teenage tragedy songs. This Halloween, we may not have a Night Prowl Show and tons of teenage tragedy songs and ghost stories, but at least we have a Friday Night Cat Fight.

Remember, the voting doesn’t close on these new Cat Fights, so check back often to see who’s in the lead. Vote any time you like (if you’re a purist, you might wait til 10pm EST before voting like back in the old days). To see this week’s Friday Night Cat Fight, please click HERE!

Enjoy the segment and remember on Tuesday, November 4th to get out there and vote for the one you dig the most as well.

Keep on prowlin’, Cats n’ Kittens.

Have a spooky, soulful, safe and Happy Halloween!

Matt The Cat

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