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12th May
written by Matt The Cat
This week, Matt The Cat puts on an overcoat for….


Harlem Undercover reveals the original R&B; versions of songs that were later made famous by others as “cover” songs. Hear the original R&B; version of “Rock This Joint” from Jimmy Preston, released a full 3 years before Bill Haley and The Saddleman’s cover. Everybody knows Mel Carter’s weepy 1965 hit “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me”, but have you ever heard the Orioles’ version? Matt The Cat brings you the story under the “covers”, this week on HARLEM.

Harlem airs on the 50s on 5:
Monday @ 1pm over Boston Red Sox, MA
Tuesday @ midnight over Hartford, CT and 9pm over San Diego
Friday @ 6pm over Burlington, VT
Sunday @ 11am over tax-free Portsmouth, NH

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