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28th February
written by Matt The Cat

Here is Jimmie Rodgers in his first appearance since he had the steel plate removed from his head. We were lucky enough to get Jimmie to come on the Bozo/Night Prowl Cruise with us. My jaw hung open the whole time as I watched Jimmie play the classic folk tune “500 Miles” and dedicate it to his friend Buddy Holly. It was just breathtaking to watch. Now, you can see it to. Watch below. Thanks to Jimmie’s son, Michael Rodgers for providing this clip from the cruise.[youtube=]


  1. The RollerCoaster

    Mr Jimmy Rodgers.
    You blew me away with this song!
    You still sound fantastic! Thank you for entertaining me with your legendary music all these years!
    The RollerCoaster.

  2. Anonymous

    You know not him just singing but to talk to him was just as good as him singing 500 hundred miles !! Just a class act all away around plus his son Micheal is a chip off the old block a great day !! Yum Yum

  3. Anonymous

    Hi everyone.
    Michael Rodgers here.
    Matt, thanks so much for posting this video. Just an update. Dad is doing great and we all had so much fun on the cruise. And meeting all the Night Prowlers was great as well. Dad just returned from a 100 mile snow mobile trip across the tundra in Canada (He’s insane) and now he is prepping a new show that he will be performing regularly in Palm Springs a few times per month. I truly feel that it is the love and specialness of all who attended the cruise and who have written him that has given him the desire to perform regularly again and I can’t thank you all enough. Matt. The invitation still stands come on down to Roatan with your beautiful bride to be anytime.

    Yum Yum..Stay in touch okay. It was great getting to know you.

    Thanks again everyone.
    Michael Rodgers

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