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20th September
written by Matt The Cat

AARON NEVILLE, one of the most distinctive voices in R&B; will stop by the satellite to talk to Matt The Cat about his new album “Bring It On Home…The Soul Classics” as well as his early career recording for Allen Toussaint at Minit Records. Don’t miss this soul pioneer on the Night Prowl Show.


B-Side Thursday returns to the show as we highlight some of the greatest B-sides of all time. Did you know “Woman Love” was the B-side of Gene Vincent’s 1956 hit “Be-Bop-A-Lu-La”? Or that “Earth Angel” was the original B-side of The Penguins “Hey Senorita”? Hear those and a whole lot more on B-Side Thursday or as they say in Alabama, “Flip it OVAH Thursday!”

14th September
written by Matt The Cat

I hear it all the time. “So and so is soooo underrated!”. “No one give (fill in the blank) credit for his amazing guitar work!”. Well, now’s your chance to tell all The Night Prowlers what artists and songs you feel are completely underrated in the 50s genre. Tonight, call in (1-866-267-0346) and convince me that your guy or gal is underrated (make a solid case for it) and I’ll play your song. Plus, all of XM Nation will know how astute and passionate you are.

Underrated Thursday – Tonight on the Night Prowl Show

7th September
written by Matt The Cat
Buddy Holly

It’s hard to believe, but the talented singer/songwriter who left us at the tender age of 22 would have turned 70 today. Over the years, the legendary status of Buddy Holly has grown to heights that even he probably couldn’t live up to, if he were here today. On tonight’s Night Prowl Show, we’ll take a look at Holly’s lesser known recordings to celebrate this milestone in Buddy Holly’s legacy.