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14th July
written by Matt The Cat
Part 2

Matt The Cat finishes his review of The King Records R&B; Story with part 2 of 2 on this week’s Harlem. We’ll dig deep in the vaults and shine the spotlight on the great vocal groups, band leaders and blues shouters that came out of the King label before the rock n’ roll “explosion” of the mid-1950s. You’ll hear Little Willie John, Wynonie “Mr. Blues” Harris, Roy Brown, The “5” Royales, The Swallows and many more. Only King Records spin on my turntable this week.

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Monday, 7/17 @ 1pm EST
Tuesday, 7/18 @ 9pm PST & midnight EST
Friday, 7/21 @ 6pm EST
Sunday, 7/23 @ 11am EST

13th July
written by Matt The Cat
It’s never been questioned, but I think we can all see that Yum Yum’s devotion to the Night Prowl Show is strong and real. This photo shows how The Yum is actually driving around the NY/NJ metro area. Let’s hope he doesn’t get pulled over.

Yum Yum with his new Night Prowl Banner

11th July
written by Matt The Cat
Pookie Hudson
The Spaniels

joins Matt The Cat on a special edition of Doo Wop Thursday! We’ll find out the true history of the Spaniels from the guy who was there. You’ll also get an opportunity to talk to Pookie, so if you have a question that you’ve always wanted to ask him, have it ready. This is sure to be the best Doo Wop Thursday EVER on The Night Prowl Show.