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4/9/10 – “I’m A Fool To Care” Cat Fight & Much More!

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“I’m A Fool To Care”

This week’s Cat Fight is a 3-way over the Ted Daffan tune, “I’m A Fool To Care.”  Facing off this week are 2 versions from 1954 by Anna Marie & The Stardusters (better known as Abbey Lincoln) and Philly’s own Castelles.  They are up against the biggest hit of the tune in the rock era by Joe Barry from 1961.  And for good measure, I’m also throwing in Les Paul and Mary Ford’s top 10 hit version also from ’54.

The show also focuses on mostly doo wop songs that vocalize the sound of bells ringing.  Sound crazy?  It is, but you’ve got to hear it to believe it!  So listen to the hour long show, vote and dig, baby!  This is the “world famous” Friday Night Cat Fight Show!

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***Now that the Baseball season is finally underway, catch last year’s 2 hour + FNCF Podcast on Baseball.  Listen here!

3/26/10 – “Crazy For You” Doo Wop Cat Fight!

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Crazy For You








The Friday Night Cat Fight Radio Show presents two great versions of the doo wop classic, “Crazy For You” for your consideration this week.  This hour long program also contains a tribute to the late Johnny Maestro, a few songs about baseball and spring, songs about ugly and beautiful babies and the vocalese jazz styling of Annie Ross.  Plus, you’ll even find a great Elvis rarity in there as well as many other surprises.  So listen to the show, vote for your favorite version of “Crazy For You” and have a swinging time.

Which One Do You DIG The MOST? - "Crazy For You"

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2/5/10 – Juniors Vs. Teenagers Cat Fight!

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I Promise To Remember

This week, we get to the bottom of a doo wop classic!  This week’s song, “I Promise To Remember” was co-written by and originally recorded by Jimmy Castor with his 1956 group, The Juniors.  It failed to go anywhere, until Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers cut their own version.  The Teenagers hit #57 on the pop charts and #10 on the R&B charts during the summer of 1956 with “I Promise To Remember.  Listen to both of the versions and then decide which one you DIG the MOST and VOTE!

We wish the legendary Porky Chedwick a very happy 92nd birthday with a little tribute at the end of this week’s podcast.

Which One Do You DIG The MOST? - "I Promise To Remember"

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6/12/09 & 6/19/09 – Ultra Rare Doo Wop

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Cardinals.jpg The Cardinals image by boogiewoody

This week’s Friday Night Cat Fight returns to the bread and butter that made my XM programs so successful; Doo wop.  I’m featuring an hour of “ultra” rare doo wop records.  How rare, you ask?  Well, these records are SO RARE that none of them were EVER played on my old radio programs.  I intentionally stayed away from the ol’ Night Prowl Show favorites.  So if you were a big fan of the old show, you’ll be hearing a lot of “new” stuff on this week’s Cat Fight.

You’ll hear The Flamingos, The Five Dollars, The Romancers and an unreleased gem from The Moonglows from their days at Chance Records.

Whether you call this music doo wop or vocal group harmony, you’re sure to dig this extra heapin’ helpin’ of smooth harmony sounds.  You will also get to vote on the doo wop classic, “White Cliffs Of Dover.”  I’m presenting 2 versions that never got airplay on the old show.  So sit back, relax and pretend like it was 2006 and all is well with the world.

Which One Do You DIG The MOST? - "White Cliffs Of Dover"

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1/30/2009 – Five Keys Go For FIVE!

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The Five Keys Go For FIVE!

This is a very exciting Friday Night Cat Fight this week as the Five Keys go for FIVE stright wins.  If they win this week, they’ll be inducted into the Alley Of Fame.  We’re going back to their original winning song from five week’s ago, “The Glory Of Love”.  This week, they’ll battle The Velvetones and their 1957 version of the song.  The choice is yours, Cats n’ Kittens.  Will The Keys makes it into the Ally Of Fame OR will The Velvetones stop them dead in their tracks.  Vote below and pass this on to all your friends on the web.

Which One Do You DIG The Most? - "The Glory Of Love" Pt. 2

  • Five Keys (1951) (74%, 103 Votes)
  • The Velvetones (1957) (26%, 37 Votes)

Total Voters: 140

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