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4/24/09 – Rockabilly Girls’ Names & Bertha Lou!

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Rockabilly Girls’ Names

Rockabilly music is rock n’ roll in its purest form; the perfect fusion of rhythm & blues and country & western.  This week’s show is a solid 45 minutes of classic Rockabilly Music featuring songs about girls’ names.  You’ll hear about “Pearly Lee”, “Cindy Lou” and this week’s Cat Fight, “Bertha Lou” between Dorsey Burnette & Clint Miller.  Dig on the show and then vote below.

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4/17/2009 – History Of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” Cat Fight

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“Whole Lotta Love”

The Evolution

It’s no surprise that Led Zeppelin found a lot of inspiration in American blues.  This week’s Friday Night Cat Fight traces the history and evolution of one of Led Zep’s biggest hits, “Whole Lotta Love” back to its roots in Muddy Waters.  Sure, Willie Dixon wrote the lyrics, but could Robert Plant have sung it the way he did without the vocal inspiration of Steve Marriott and The Small Faces?  These three versions compete this week, so listen to the podcast and vote below on the one you DIG THE MOST! The show is rounded off with an instrumental from King Curtis, a funked up version by Tina Turner and even a doo wop rendition of this rock n’ roll milestone.

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4/3 & 4/10/09 – The Baseball Show

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Baseball Show

This year, the Annual Baseball Show makes its debut as a 2 hour podcast.  I’ve been putting together a yearly baseball radio show since April of 1993 and the tradition continues.

Over this podcast you’ll hear the greatest baseball songs ever recorded highlighting the game’s top players and teams.  My team vignettes include The Red Sox, Yankees, Cubs, Dodgers, Giants, St. Louis Browns and more.  The show also features some of the great historical baseball moments of the past 100 years.

Then, near the end of the program, I’ll ask you to vote for your favorite version of “Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball.”  Dig the show and then vote below.

May your team go all the way this year!

Play Ball!

Which One Do You DIG THE MOST? - "Did You See Jackie Robinson Hit That Ball"

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