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11/19/2010 – The “Peter Gunn” Cat Fight!

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Friday Night Cat Fight Podcast

“Peter Gunn”

This week, the Friday Night Cat Fight focuses on one of the most popular and recognizable television theme songs in history.  “Peter Gunn,” the TV show premiered on NBC in 1958 and lasted until 1961 (switching to CBS).  Henry Mancini composed the theme, but it was Ray Anthony’s 1959 version of the tune that put it on the charts (hit #8 US).  Duane Eddy and The Blues Brothers did smokin’ versions of the tune and The Art Of Noise even won a Grammy for their version in 1986.

Listen to the podcast and dig on all the different versions of “Peter Gunn” and then vote for the one you truly DIG THE MOST!

Which One Do You DIG THE MOST? - "Peter Gunn"

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6/25/10 – The “Java” Cat Fight!

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Friday Night Cat Fight Show


The Cat Fight puts 3 versions of the instrumental “Java,” by 3 different cats from Louisiana up against each other this week.  All 3 versions appeared on RCA Victor.  Allen Toussaint, who originally recorded for RCA under the name “Tousan,” wrote the tune and recorded the first version.  Then, piano master Floyd Cramer took it to the charts in 1963.  But “Java” didn’t really heat up until Al Hirt hit #4 with it back in 1964.  Listen to all 3 and vote for the one that moves you the most!

Plus, I’ll feature a terrible cover of the Buchanan & Goodman classic, “The Flying Saucer” as well as a groovy tune that got a lot of inspiration from Santo & Johnny.  All this and more on this week’s Friday Night Cat Fight Show!

Which One Do You DIG The MOST? - "Java"

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6/11/10 – The History of “Frankie & Johnny”

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The History Of

“Frankie & Johnny”

This week, The Friday Night Cat Fight tackles one of the greatest folk tunes of all-time, “Frankie & Johnny.”  We trace the history of the tune back to the Nineteenth Century and play 15 different versions of the song.  Only 6 versions are in competition in the Cat Fight this week, though.  The classic blues rendition of the tune by Mississippi John Hurt leads us off, then we jump to Johnny Cash’s telling of tale as “Frankie’s Man, Johnny” from 1959.  From there, Brook Benton and Sam Cooke give the tune a soul twist from the early ’60s.  Versions by the Greenwood Country singers and Elvis round out the competition. 

The rest of the show is filled out with various blues, country, big band and rockabilly versions of “Frankie & Johnny” that it’ll make any man think twice before doing his woman wrong. 

So listen, dig and VOTE for your favorite version of “Frankie & Johnny” on the Friday Night Cat Fight Radio Podcast with Matt The Cat.

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2/12/10 – “My Funny Valentine” Cat Fight!

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My Funny Valentine

Rodgers and Hart wrote “My Funny Valentine” for their 1937 musical, “Babes In Arms” and over the years it has become a true classic.  So many great versions of this song exist, but for the sake of sanity, I have chosen 4 to compete in this week’s Cat Fight.  Please listen to all four in their entirety and then vote for the one you DIG THE MOST!  Happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy Mardi Gras.  If you’d like to hear last years New Orleans Mardi Gras Cat fight, please click here!

Which One Do You DIG The MOST? - "My Funny Valentine"

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