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9/25/09 – Bird Songs (Birdland)

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We like Birdland…


Birdland Jazz Club, NYC 1950s

This week’s Friday Night Cat Fight is truly for the birds!  I’m featuring a full hour of songs about “birds”.  You’ll hear classic tunes from Les Paul & Mary Ford, The Beatles, Ersel Hickey, Leonard Cohen and many more.  However, there will be NO songs about chickens or songs that refer to airplanes as “birds”.

Vote for your favorite version of “We Like Birdland” as Huey Smith battles Chubby Checker on this week’s “world famous” Cat Fight!

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9 Comments on “9/25/09 – Bird Songs (Birdland)”

  1. 1 Virginia said at 5:18 pm on September 25th, 2009:

    Now this probably is the most eclectic group of performers that we have ever heard on a FNCF podcast. I have to admit a few of them were new to me for sure. Huey got my vote. Thanks again Matt for this week’s entertainment.

  2. 2 timevac3 said at 3:01 am on September 26th, 2009:

    Ain’t it grand?! Tonight’s show was all over the map….and very cool. I gave it to “The Chubster” tonight. He made a radio-ready side out of what was a bit of fun and rhythm by Huey and Co. Another fine show Matt!

  3. 3 dave said at 10:19 am on September 28th, 2009:

    got to go with chubby on this one but another great show furry leader

  4. 4 The Shadow said at 4:44 pm on September 28th, 2009:

    Yo furry leader
    that was a really tweet bird song show. I can think of a couple of songs you could have used, but the show was very eclectic, and it was great.
    I can hardly wait to see what you come up with for chickens.
    The cat fight was a tough choice, but I had to go with Huey. As much as I like Philly artists, Chubby changed the song too much. The changes in the lyrics disrupted the flow of the original, but then, I’m a nut for originals.
    Keep up the great work. The cat fight podcasts are one of the hight points of my week.

  5. 5 Sierra said at 6:03 pm on September 29th, 2009:

    Great show again! Love the different themes presented every week: Birds, hot rods, labor songs, etc. So bird’s the word this week; loved them all. Thanks.

  6. 6 Yum Yum said at 12:37 am on September 30th, 2009:

    The underated Chubby Checker gets my nod !! These last couple of Cat Fights are very different then Night Prowl Fights but enjoyable as always !! Matt keep em coming because Nobody Does It Like You and they will never do it like the leader you are on the knowledge of Rock and Roll !! Yum Yum

  7. 7 Rockin' Ed said at 6:49 am on September 30th, 2009:

    Matt–you forgot Ersel Hickey’s BLUEBIRDS OVER THE MOUNTAIN
    another honorable mention
    May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose by Little Jimmy Dickens

    I had to vote for Huey–you know how us purists are–put Chubby up against Hank Ballard on the Twist and see whose @$$ get whupped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 8 admin said at 8:30 am on September 30th, 2009:

    Hey Ed,
    Ersel Hickey was the last song played on the show. Someone didn’t listen to the end of the FNCF! Tisk! Tisk!


  9. 9 David said at 7:08 pm on October 1st, 2009:

    Yeah, Rockin’ Ed, keep listenin’ to the outro *after* Matt does the voting part of the Friday Night Cat Fight, and you’ll hear Ersel. And with a name like ‘Ersel’, it’s no wonder he had trouble holdin’ on to his baby!

    I thought Chubby was all over Huey’s stuff on this fight. Not sure why. The arrangement’s not that different, but I personally found Huey’s recording vaguely annoying, yet dug Chubby’s. That’s how it goes sometimes, I guess.

    There’s an hour worth of chicken songs??!? Planes, of course, chicks, sure, but “chickens”?? We’re about to find out… Of course, Cats would always know where to find a Chicken, be it roasted, grilled, or raw…

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