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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Harlem: Week Of 8/20/07 - Motown!

Birth Of A Label: 1959-61

This week, Harlem focuses on the birth of one of the greatest record labels of all time; MOTOWN RECORDS. Berry Gordy Jr. was a young man with a talent for songwriting and a dream to bring danceable rhythm and blues to the masses. Matt The Cat picks out NINE important and influential singles from Motown's first three years and plays both the A and B sides. You'll hear Motown's first instrumental, first national hit and first million seller. Don't miss Harlem, all week long on the 50s on 5.

Harlem Airs on XM-5:
Monday 8/20 @ 1pm in Detroit
Tuesday 8/21 @ 9pm in LA and Midnight in NYC
Friday 8/24 @ 6pm in Philly
Sunday 8/25 @ 11am in Baltimore/DC

Programming Note:

I will be on vacation from 8/18 - 8/26. The Night Prowl Show will go on as scheduled and I will have friends check up on the show, but I will not be present. I have handcrafted the shows while I'm away for maximum enjoyment!


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