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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Harlem: Week Of 8/6/07 - King Records Story: Part 2

Part 2
Matt The Cat finishes his review of The King Records R&B Story with part 2 of 2 on this week's Harlem. We'll dig deep in the vaults and shine the spotlight on the great vocal groups, band leaders and blues shouters that came out of the King label before the rock n' roll "explosion" of the mid-1950s. You'll hear Little Willie John, Wynonie "Mr. Blues" Harris, Roy Brown, The "5" Royales, The Swallows and many more. Only King Records spin on my turntable this week.

Harlem Airs on XM-5:
Monday, 8/6 @ 1pm EST
Tuesday, 8/7 @ 9pm PST & midnight EST
Friday, 8/10 @ 6pm EST
Sunday, 8/12 @ 11am EST


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