The Producers

Over its 3 and a half year history on WERS-FM, The Soul Bucket has its share of producers.

Each radio show is assigned its own host and producer, so I never got to pick my own producer in the beginning. Eventually, Soul Brotha Jules came to me and asked if he could be my producer and I was thrilled, since I knew that he would do a great job. He lived up to my expectations and became the best producer I've ever had.

Believe me, it took quite some time for me to stretch my memory to come up with the names of some of these early producers, but I wanted to make sure that all this stuff gets documented.

Soul Sista Suzie

(Suzie Ahn)

Spring, 1995

Soul Sista Sarah


Fall, 1995

Screamin' Jay Buck

(Josh Buckley)

Spring, 1996

Soul Sista Rachel

(Rachel Parenta)

Fall, 1996

Soul Brotha Jules

(Julien Marques)

Spring, 1997 - Spring, 1998

Big Jack

(John Cotti)

John filled in as producer over holidays and school vacations during the entire run of the Soul Bucket. He is an honorary Bucket Producer.

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