Matt The Cat Pt. 2
From February of 1995 to May of 1998, I hosted The Soul Bucket on WERS-FM 88.9 while attending Emerson College in Boston. Emerson has the only college radio station in a top 10 market that is completely run by students. I was the station manager of WERS during the spring of 1998 as well. My thanks to Fran Berger, who dedicated 18 years of her life as general manager of WERS, giving us students the freedom to make our own decisions and run a radio station. The Soul Bucket was Boston's only "true" soul music show, focusing on southern soul and R&B from the 1950s thru the 70s, with some selected cuts from the 80s and 90s. Check out the Soul Bucket page for more info and sounds.
The years following my graduation from Emerson in 1998 were very meager, radio-wise. I had one-off gigs here and there, but nothing stuck. I have stacks of rejection letters from traditional terrestrial radio outlets, where program directors said that they loved my sound and energy, but there was just nothing they could offer me in today's radio market. In order to survive, I took various jobs as a customer service representative as well as an audio mixer and tech on a few internet-based reality TV shows (before reality TV was popular, of course).
Then in April of 2001, I applied for a job at a new, exciting radio outlet; XM Satellite Radio. Originally, I applied to be on XM's blues channel, Bluesville. However, they thought my style would be a better fit on the 50s on 5 channel. Since I'm also a record collector, my knowledge of 50s music was already pretty solid. I prowled those back alleys for over seven years, until XM was taken over by Sirius Satellite Radio. My final Night Prowl Show aired on Wednesday, October 15, 2008. Que sera! Sera!
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