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4/9/10 – “I’m A Fool To Care” Cat Fight & Much More!

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“I’m A Fool To Care”

This week’s Cat Fight is a 3-way over the Ted Daffan tune, “I’m A Fool To Care.”  Facing off this week are 2 versions from 1954 by Anna Marie & The Stardusters (better known as Abbey Lincoln) and Philly’s own Castelles.  They are up against the biggest hit of the tune in the rock era by Joe Barry from 1961.  And for good measure, I’m also throwing in Les Paul and Mary Ford’s top 10 hit version also from ’54.

The show also focuses on mostly doo wop songs that vocalize the sound of bells ringing.  Sound crazy?  It is, but you’ve got to hear it to believe it!  So listen to the hour long show, vote and dig, baby!  This is the “world famous” Friday Night Cat Fight Show!

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***Now that the Baseball season is finally underway, catch last year’s 2 hour + FNCF Podcast on Baseball.  Listen here!

4/2/10 – The “I’m Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town” Cat Fight & More!

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“I’m Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town”

This week’s show contains a massive FOUR-WAY Cat Fight over the tune, “I’m Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town.”  In contention will be Louis Jordan’s original 1941 version vs. Billy Ward & The Dominoes fantastic 1954 version feature Jackie Wilson on lead, Mel Torme’s tribute to Count Basie with his rendition and finally Ray Charles’ great Quincy Jones’ arrangement from 1961.  Please listen to all four versions before voting for the ONE you DIG the MOST! 

Also on this week’s program, some forgotten cowboy songs, Roy Orbison’s humble beginning and the history of “Ooby Dooby” with interview snippets from Roy himself and his old buddy Sonny Burgess, Guitar Slim on Atco and a whole lot more!

So listen, vote and dig.

Which One Do You DIG The Most? - "I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town"

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3/26/10 – “Crazy For You” Doo Wop Cat Fight!

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Crazy For You








The Friday Night Cat Fight Radio Show presents two great versions of the doo wop classic, “Crazy For You” for your consideration this week.  This hour long program also contains a tribute to the late Johnny Maestro, a few songs about baseball and spring, songs about ugly and beautiful babies and the vocalese jazz styling of Annie Ross.  Plus, you’ll even find a great Elvis rarity in there as well as many other surprises.  So listen to the show, vote for your favorite version of “Crazy For You” and have a swinging time.

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3/12 & 3/19/2010 – Pickett Vs. Burke: Battle Of The Soul Titans!

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Friday Night Cat Fight Radio Show

“If You Need Me”

The Battle Of The Soul Titans

The soul classic “If You Need Me” was co-written by a young Wilson Pickett who had just recently left The Falcons.  He sent a demo of the song to Atlantic in NY hoping to score a record deal.  In a devastating blow, Atlantic gave the song to the already established Solomon Burke.  Our friend, the legendary Lloyd Price stops in with some background information about this soul rumble.  Both versions battled on the charts in 1963 and now both versions battle on The Friday Night Cat Fight Radio Show.  But that’s not all.  Soul titans Wilson Pickett and Solomon Burke battle it out over 2 different Cat Fights this week.  The 2nd one is over Solomon’s song, “Everybody Needs Somebody To Love.” 

This week’s show also contains the evolution of a Buddy Holly classic, the musical inspirations of Frank Guida AND some Top 40 radio chaos.  So listen, vote and dig The Friday Night Cat Fight Radio Show.

Which One Do You DIG The Most? - "If You Need Me"

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BONUS Cat Fight Poll: Which Of These Is The Cat's Meow? - "Everybody Needs Somebody To Love"

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2/26/10 – The “Lovey Dovey” Mega Cat Fight!

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“Lovey Dovey”

This week, the Friday Night Cat Fight Podcast is a battle royale with SEVEN competitors.  The tune is the R&B classic, “Lovey Dovey”, who’s popularity crossed demographic lines and made it an enduring pop hit as well.  Also, having Steve Miller quote a line from the song in his 1973 #1 smash, “The Joker” didn’t hurt its legacy any.  So cats n’ kittens, please listen to all SEVEN unique versions of “Lovey Dovey” and then voice your choice and vote for the one you truly dig the most!  Let the RUMBLE begin!

Which One Do You Dig The Most? - "Lovey Dovey"

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1/15/10 – All Girl Cat Fight (You’re No Good)

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You’re No Good

This week, the girls get tough and aren’t afraid to sing about it.  “You’re No Good” is a classic and I’m playing 3 different versions of the song for your consideration.

Dee Dee Warwick, Dionne’s baby sister and Betty Everett both recorded and released the tune in 1963, while Linda Ronstadt took it to the top of the charts in 1974.  Which one do you dig the most?  Which woman means it the most?  Which woman are you most afraid of?  There is also a tribute to Bobby Charles, who passed away this week at the end of the Cat Fight Podcast.

Which One Do You DIG The MOST? - "You're No Good"

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12/4/09 – “Devil In His (Her) Heart” Cat Fight!

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Devil In His (Her) Heart

Curiosity over an original version of a song is always sparked when a major group covers a relatively obscure tune.  This is what happened in the UK when the Beatles chose to include the Donays’ “Devil In His Heart” on their 2nd UK LP, “With The Beatles”.  The Donays’ original had sold moderately well in Michigan, but failed to make the US national charts.  This week, you have the opportunity to compare both versions of this classic R&B tune, side by side and vote for the one you truly DIG THE MOST!

Also, there’s a little tribute at the end of the show to legendary rock producer Bob Keane, who passed away this week at 87!

Which One Do You DIG The MOST? - "Devil In His (Her) Heart"

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11/27/09 – “Go Now” Cat Fight!

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Go Now

This week, the Cat Fight takes on the song, “Go Now.”  It was originally recorded by female American R&B singer, Bessie Banks and it became an international hit when the British R&B group, The Moody Blues released it in early 1965.  Listen to both versions of this classic tune back to back and then vote for the one you truly dig the most on the “World Famous” Friday Night Cat Fight!

Which One Do You DIG The MOST? - "Go Now"

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11/20/09 – “Get Out Of My Life Woman” Cat Fight

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“Get Out Of My Life Woman”

This week, our Friday Night Cat Fight is a 4-way over the classic soul/funk tune, “Get Out Of My Life Woman”.  The tune was written by New Orleans legend Allen Toussaint and originally recorded by fellow New Orleans legend, Lee Dorsey in 1966.  Solomon Burke, Joe Williams and even Toussaint himself have recorded great versions of the tune.  Many others have covered it, but I think these FOUR stand on their own.  NOW, which one do YOU dig the MOST?  Listen to the podcast and vote below for your favorite.

Which One Do You DIG The MOST? - "Get Out Of My Life Woman"

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11/6/09 – The Robins – R&B Profile (Riot In Cell Block #9)

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The Robins

R&B Profile

This week, I’m dedicating the entire podcast to one of the most influential and yet underrated R&B vocal groups of all time, The Robins.  The pinnacle of West Coast Doo Wop, The Robins were discovered by Johnny Otis, when they entered a talent contest at his Barrelhouse Night Club in Watts in 1949.  They recorded for a variety of labels over the course of the next 12 years.  I present to you the highlights of a long career in R&B, including the stories behind the story on this great vocal group.

In 1960, Wanda Jackson did a great cover of the Robins 1954 classic, “Riot In Cell Block #9”.  Listen to the show and then decide for yourself which one you truly DIG the MOST!

Which One Do You DIG The Most? - "Riot In Cell Block #9"

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