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9/18/09 – Happy Birthday B. B. King!

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B. B. King

Happy 84th Birthday!

Matt The Cat With The King Of The BluesB.B. King just celebrated his 84th birthday on Wednesday, September 16th and this week I’m honoring “The King Of The Blues” with a full podcast featuring his music.  I’m focusing on his entire career to demonstrate the various “periods” that B. B. has been through musically.  From his strong beginnings right out of the gate on RPM Records in the early 1950s to his incredible live performance at Chicago’s Regal Theater.  His huge pop crossover breakthrough in 1970 to his duets with U2 and Eric Clapton.  I will also feature his most recent work, “One Kind Favor”, which came out in 2008.

This week’s Cat Fight is between the birthday boy and Howard Tate.  Listen to both versions of “Ain’t Nobody Home” before you voice your choice and vote for your favorite.

Here’s to the legendary B. B. King rolling on strong for many more years to come!

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9/11/09 – Summer Obit Tributes (Those Oldies But Goodies)

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…Remind Me Of You



Tribute Show

This week, The Friday Night Cat Fight Podcast focuses on those who left us during the past couple of months.  I’ve prepared little 2 song tributes to Billy Lee Riley, Johnny Carter, Sam Butera, Koko Taylor, Ellie Greenwich and Les Paul.  You can read my written obits for all these great artist by clicking on my “Prowlin’ With Matt The Cat” Blog.

Since we’re saying goodbye to some “oldies but goodies”, I decided to feature the classic tune from 1961 as this week’s Cat Fight.  Please decide whether you’re in the West Coast camp with Little Caesar & The Romans or the East Coast brigade with Nino & The Ebb Tides and then vote below.

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9/4/2009 – Work Songs For Labor Day (See You In September)

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…see you when the summer’s through

Work Songs

Well, it’s Labor Day Weekend again and with summer at an end and work about to pick up, I thought I’d give you a glimpse of some of the jobs out there that might be harder and more uncomfortable than yours (that is if you are currently working).  The feature this week is on “Work Songs” and man we’ve got ’em.  We’ll go from working in a coal mine and working on a chain gang to just trying to find a job and just getting by.  We’ll hear from The Isley Brothers, Nina Simone, Wynonie “Mr. Blues” Harris and many more.  Lee Dorsey even gets 2 songs in this week’s show!

Since September is here, I thought we’d vote on your favorite version of “See You In September”.  Listen to the songs on the podcast and vote for the one you truly dig the most.

And…um…don’t work too hard, baby!

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8/28/09 – Back To School (Hanky Panky)

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Summer’s Gone…

Back To School Songs

Well, summer’s gone and no songbirds are singing…time to get BACK TO SCHOOL!  This week all the songs featured in the podcast relate to either going back to school or STAYING in school, because baby you know it’s cool to stay in school!

You’ll hear some classic tunes from Timmie “Oh Yeah” Rogers, Chuck Berry, The Beach Boys, James Brown and a lot more.

School just wouldn’t be school without a little “Hanky Panky” and so this week’s Friday Night Cat Fight will put The Raindrops original version of the song up against Tommy James & The Shondells chart-topper.  Also this week, we honor the passing of songwriter Ellie Greenwich and doo wop tenor man Johnny Carter.

So listen, vote and STAY IN SCHOOL!

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8/21/09 – Cadillac Songs (Brand New Cadillac)

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Women Want Cadillacs, They Don’t Want No Man…

Cadillac Songs

This week, I’m adding luxury, class and style to the typical car-themed show by dedicated the entire program to songs about Cadillacs.  No other car in American Popular Culture has been more sought after and no other car let’s everyone else around you know that you’ve made it to the “big time”.  You left town in your daddy’s old Ford, but you return in a brand new Cadillac.

You’re gonna hear songs from Bo Diddley, The Ravens, Larry Dowd, Bruce Springsteen and Dizzy Gillespie just to show the variety of styles features on this week’s podcast.

Then, vote for your favorite version of the classic, “Brand New Cadillac” as The Clash take on Vince Taylor.

So get into your Caddy and go…on with the show!

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7/24 – 8/7/09 – Lloyd Price: The Matt The Cat Interview!

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Mr. Personality

Lloyd Price

Lloyd Price visits with Matt The Cat

The Matt The Cat Interview

In his new book, Lloyd Price makes a convincing claim to be “The TRUE King Of The ’50s”.  After all, he was the cat who helped integrate the races when both black and white kids were dancing to and buying his 1952 smash, “Lawdy Miss Clawdy”.  He was the first teenager to sell over a million copies of a record.  He was barely in his 20s when he started his own record label.  He was one of the first artists to get a lucrative deal from a record label and he dominated the pop and R&B charts at the end of the decade with “Stagger Lee”, “Personality” and “I’m Gonna Get Married”.  And now for the first time, Lloyd Price tells his OWN story in his OWN words to me, Matt The Cat.

This is the uncut, unadulterated, unabridged Lloyd Price interview, complete with his insight, his stories and his music.  Lloyd talks about his entire career, from helping to invent rock n’ roll with “Lawdy Miss Clawdy” to staging one of the biggest sporting events in history with “The Rumble In The Jungle”.  It’s all here for you to enjoy.

At the end of the program, we’ll have a traditional Friday Night Cat Fight and a chance for YOU to VOTE for the TRUE KING of the ’50s!

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lloydpricebannerClick above to learn more about Lloyd Price & his new book.

Lloyd Price's ORIGINAL "Lawdy Miss Claudy" on a Specialty Records 78

7/17/09 – Songs About Letters

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Write Me A Letter…

Songs About Letters

The Friday Night Cat Fight honors the summertime tradition of letter writing.  Yes, before email, paging, texting and tweets, the only way to tell someone the feelings deep in your heart was to hand write them a letter.  Even today, there is no more genuine way to communicate than letter writing.

This week’s crop of themed tunes focuses on the joys and heartbreaks around the receiving and sending of letters.  Ruth Brown, Little Willie John, Buddy Holly and many more are featured on this week’s show.

Plus, vote for your favorite version of “Write Me A Letter”.  The songs are different and so are the “feels” of each recording.

So here’s hoping that the mailman brings you no more blues.

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7/10/09 – Marvin Phillips – R&B Profile

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Marvin Phillips

Rhythm & Blues Profile

Marvin PhillipsThe Friday Night Cat Fight features its FIRST EVER profile of an artist and I can’t think of someone more deserving of this inaugural honor than the much under-appreciated MARVIN PHILLIPS.

He began his career with Richard Lewis & The Barons.  He then sang for a time in Big Jay McNeely’s vocal group, Three Dots And A Dash before hooking up with friend Jesse Belvin as Jesse & Marvin.  They were the first successful vocal duo in rhythm & blues and their #2 R&B hit, “Dream Girl” remains a classic.  This program features Marvin Phillips’ time with Marvin & Johnny as well as his work as a solo artist. This show is for anyone who enjoyed my old “Harlem” show on XM Satellite Radio.  I am very proud to shine a light on the very underrated talents of Marvin Phillips.

I hope you enjoy this labor of love and will vote for your favorite version of “Cherry Pie” below.

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6/12/09 & 6/19/09 – Ultra Rare Doo Wop

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Cardinals.jpg The Cardinals image by boogiewoody

This week’s Friday Night Cat Fight returns to the bread and butter that made my XM programs so successful; Doo wop.  I’m featuring an hour of “ultra” rare doo wop records.  How rare, you ask?  Well, these records are SO RARE that none of them were EVER played on my old radio programs.  I intentionally stayed away from the ol’ Night Prowl Show favorites.  So if you were a big fan of the old show, you’ll be hearing a lot of “new” stuff on this week’s Cat Fight.

You’ll hear The Flamingos, The Five Dollars, The Romancers and an unreleased gem from The Moonglows from their days at Chance Records.

Whether you call this music doo wop or vocal group harmony, you’re sure to dig this extra heapin’ helpin’ of smooth harmony sounds.  You will also get to vote on the doo wop classic, “White Cliffs Of Dover.”  I’m presenting 2 versions that never got airplay on the old show.  So sit back, relax and pretend like it was 2006 and all is well with the world.

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6/5/09 – Summer Songs Pt. 3 – “My Summer Love”

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Endless Summer…


Part 3

I conclude my 3 part series on summer songs with the most eclectic show yet.  Where else can you hear the world’s greatest Gospel singer singing a secular song right next to Elvis Costello, The Holidays, Fountains Of Wayne and The Videls?  Only on the “World Famous” Friday Night Cat Fight!

Plus, listen to and vote for your all-time favorite version of the song “My Summer Love.”  It’s summertime, summertime, and we’re feelin’ the burn on the Friday Night Cat Fight Show.

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Next week…Rare Doo Wop Records

Coming soon…Surfin’ instrumentals and vocals