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11/27/09 – “Go Now” Cat Fight!

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Go Now

This week, the Cat Fight takes on the song, “Go Now.”  It was originally recorded by female American R&B singer, Bessie Banks and it became an international hit when the British R&B group, The Moody Blues released it in early 1965.  Listen to both versions of this classic tune back to back and then vote for the one you truly dig the most on the “World Famous” Friday Night Cat Fight!

Which One Do You DIG The MOST? - "Go Now"

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14 Comments on “11/27/09 – “Go Now” Cat Fight!”

  1. 1 RenoKenn said at 5:20 pm on November 27th, 2009:

    I had to listen twice but finally decided on Bessie Banks. Her version has more life to it, at least to my failing ears.

  2. 2 stickball eddie said at 6:22 pm on November 27th, 2009:

    I voted for Bessie Banks although having heard only the Moody Blues version previously. Besssie brought feeling to the words, The Moody Blues’ version was a good song to sing to but lacked the feeling I felt with the Bank’s tune.

  3. 3 Virginia said at 8:09 pm on November 27th, 2009:

    I also voted for Bessie Banks her version was much smoother and just easier to listen to. I also would like to thank Rockin’ Rick and Judy Judy in Little Roll, AR for sharing the 2007 Night Prowl Christmas Show, and thank you too Matt as always.

  4. 4 Terry Clausen said at 10:36 pm on November 27th, 2009:

    Having grown up on the coast of South Carolina in the 50’s and 60’s, Bessie Banks Go Now is classic “Beach Music”. Honest, raw, rough. (It ain’t just the Shag that makes it Beach Music)) She was on every juke box on the coast in the pavilions, piers, soda shops, clubs and beer joints. The Moody Blues reminded me of the 50’s when you had Little Richard covered by a bland lifeless Pat Boone.

  5. 5 timevac3 said at 11:28 pm on November 27th, 2009:

    Bessie gets the vote tonight. Hers did have more feeling to it. Both versions are good though. I’d also note that the Moodies’ is the cleanest copy of that I can recall hearing.
    Turkey chip cookie anyone?

  6. 6 Sam said at 11:46 pm on November 27th, 2009:

    I had never heard the Bessie Banks version before. I liked the Moody Blues version (it was the only version I knew about) but Bessie’s version is better. More of the R & B and soul sound that I really like. As Stickball said, she brought more feeling to the song.

    Thanks, Matt, for the great info about the songs. I look forward to another of the longer “theme” shows. And hope that someone in the radio business realizes that you need to be back “on the air”.

  7. 7 Sierra said at 10:48 am on November 28th, 2009:

    Guess I’m the only one so far, but I’ve had enough R&B and soul to last a lifetime. Moody Blues got my vote hands down.

  8. 8 Yum Yum said at 6:11 pm on November 28th, 2009:

    If you gotta Go Now you better Go Now would be a great song for a Ex Lax commercial or that new product Easy Cleanse !! By the way Go Now from 1964 by the fabulous Moody Blues gets my vote !! To Sierra you can never get enough R&B its good for youre SOUL !! Yum Yum

  9. 9 Crystal said at 9:25 am on November 29th, 2009:

    I thought it was tuff. I liked both alot. I did end up voting for the Moody Blues.

  10. 10 Susann said at 12:54 pm on November 29th, 2009:

    This is what I love about you Matt, you introduce me to artists I’ve not heard and Bessie Banks is great, her version was so much richer.

    Also. thanks to all for the Christmas show, it seems like yesterday. I makes me yearn for the 5 nighs a week. sigh …

  11. 11 David said at 2:09 pm on November 29th, 2009:

    Now that I hear the original, I think the MBs or their producer made a mistake in setting the tempo so fast for this song. Bessie’s is a little slow than I’d have picked for it, too, but it better fits the lyrics. The Moodys’ version seems rushed, now. I voted for Bessie.

  12. 12 Sierra said at 12:42 pm on November 30th, 2009:

    To Yum Yum, I respect your view, but disagree. My soul’s nourishment comes from much better music, among other things, though a bit of R&B is okay in its place. Either way, I do agree with everyone that MTC, you should be on the air, where people without access to the Web can enjoy you too, whichever type of music they prefer.

  13. 13 The Shadow said at 3:14 pm on December 1st, 2009:

    Yo Furry leader
    This is quite the cat fight. A real see saw battle, for sure. I had to go with Bessie on this one. She really put the soul into the song. The mmody’s didn’t have the feeling, and Denny’s mic seemed a bit hot. I heard an interview once, with the Moody Blues, and they said they hated to admit that they did, Go now.
    I found it interesting that your copy of the Moody Blues version is on Decca. Most copies I’ve seen, including mine, are on London.
    Keep up the great work, and I’ll be anxiously waiting for the next cat fight.

  14. 14 admin said at 5:10 pm on December 1st, 2009:

    “Go Now” by the Moody Blues was released on Decca in the UK and London in the States.


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