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2/13/2009 – “Without Love” Valentine’s Cat Fight!

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The Valentine’s Day Friday Night Cat Fight

Congratulations to Amos Milburn who won last week’s Cat Fight with over 50% of the vote.  He defeated both Chuck Berry AND The Rolling Stones over the song, “Down The Road Apiece.”

This week, we’re back to the 2-way Cat Fight battle format, featuring Clyde McPhatter and Tom Jones.  Both cats give a great R&B performance, but only one can be declared the victor and that choice is up to you, Cats n’ Kittens.  So listen to the new 40 minute Cat Fight show with the Valentine’s theme of “Hearts” and then vote on the World Famous Friday Night Cat Fight.

Which One Do You DIG The MOST? - "Without Love (There Is Nothing)"

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16 Comments on “2/13/2009 – “Without Love” Valentine’s Cat Fight!”

  1. 1 Bill Schneeloch said at 6:36 am on February 14th, 2009:

    i miss hearing you every night, but i enjoy the friday night cat fight – still.
    maybe you could have Buddy Holly vs Greatful Dead – “Not Fade Away” i like both, but prefer BH.

    God Bless,


  2. 2 Susann said at 6:58 am on February 14th, 2009:

    Thanks Matt! Great show.

  3. 3 Crystal said at 7:53 am on February 14th, 2009:

    Thanks for the music Matt. I think your show is even better without the restriction of the “50’s”

  4. 4 Earl of Duke said at 8:01 am on February 14th, 2009:

    Close one for me!

  5. 5 Rich Howe said at 9:03 am on February 14th, 2009:

    Excellent show for Valentine’s Day, Matt. And another great Cat Fight. Although I really like Clyde McPhatter a bunch; on this particular song, I think Tom Jones absolutely nailed it. So Tom got my vote. Looking forward to next week’s show.


  6. 6 Steph said at 8:20 pm on February 14th, 2009:

    I had to give it to Tom. His voice is just like buttah. Great show again Matt! Nice and mushy. Hope you and Kel are having a great first V-day as a married couple 😀

  7. 7 Tom Yum Yum Alicandri said at 9:17 pm on February 14th, 2009:

    Its Not Unusual Matt for me to vote for Tom Jones soulful version of Without Love !! So i did ! Yum Yum a very enjoyable show !!

  8. 8 The Shadow said at 4:08 am on February 15th, 2009:

    That was a fine Valentine’s day show. For me, the cat fight was a no brainer. I had to go with Clyde. Never was a fan of Tom Jones, Keep up the new format. I love it.
    Happy Valentine’s day to you and Kelly

  9. 9 Janice Stenhouse said at 12:41 pm on February 15th, 2009:

    It’s really nice to hear your voice and the great music again. I miss you. All the good shows are gone from XM/sirrius. What a shame. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and Cross Country Kelly!

  10. 10 Jerry B. said at 5:35 pm on February 16th, 2009:

    Another great “cat fight” Matt. I have to agree with Janice Steinhouse….all the good stuff from XM is no longer. Why do they have to play the same stuff over and over??
    You hang in there Matt…..The Lord is looking out for you. He was a cool cat too.

  11. 11 Ricky LondonName (required) said at 1:42 am on February 17th, 2009:

    Well Matt, You know I have always said that Clyde could sing the phone book and it would be soulful, so I had to vote for him though Tom did a nice job. And Janice and Jerry are right about XM. As Jerry B. said, the Lord is watching over you and Kelly. I don’t know what he has planned, but we will keep praying. As always, the show was great!

  12. 12 Lana G.Name (required) said at 6:13 pm on February 17th, 2009:

    Great Valentine’s Day catfight, and though I love Clyde, had to give it to Tom who put so much emotion into that song.

  13. 13 Name (required)Sierra said at 7:05 pm on February 17th, 2009:

    Loved both versions of this song, but had to go with Tom. I’ve seen him perform this song live, and think he puts more feeling into it. Hope you and Kelly had a great valentine’s Day…and every day! Also I’m hoping there is enough positive response to justify an Internet show. I’ve already told friends about the possibility.

  14. 14 Alice said at 12:30 am on February 18th, 2009:

    I was happy to hear your voice again, I so miss you on XM. I just recently logged back in to your website to see what was happening with you, hoping, of course, that you were back on the air somewhere.
    I loved both versions of the song. Clyde is definitely the soul man but wow, could Tom belt it! I voted for Tom on this one although I almost always prefer the original versions.

  15. 15 Rich (New Jersey) said at 8:05 am on February 18th, 2009:

    Tom Jones did a great job on this one but I had to go with Clyde. He had a such a wonderful voice.

    Great show!

  16. 16 PC in DC said at 4:17 am on February 19th, 2009:

    Thanks for the Buddy Holly. Dug the show, and I had to go with TJ as I grew up in the 60s.

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