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25th June
written by Matt The Cat

Friday Night Cat Fight Show


The Cat Fight puts 3 versions of the instrumental “Java,” by 3 different cats from Louisiana up against each other this week. All 3 versions appeared on RCA Victor. Allen Toussaint, who originally recorded for RCA under the name “Tousan,” wrote the tune and recorded the first version. Then, piano master Floyd Cramer took it to the charts in 1963. But “Java” didn’t really heat up until Al Hirt hit #4 with it back in 1964. Listen to all 3 and vote for the one that moves you the most!

Plus, I’ll feature a terrible cover of the Buchanan & Goodman classic, “The Flying Saucer” as well as a groovy tune that got a lot of inspiration from Santo & Johnny. All this and more on this week’s Friday Night Cat Fight Show!

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  1. Warren Mills

    The John Birch Society re-organized as birthers and teabaggers.

    I did love Hide and Seek. I mis-placed my 45 and hadn’t heard it since the mid 60’s.

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