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18th June
written by Matt The Cat

Friday Night Cat Fight Radio Show

“(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons”

This week’s Cat Fight tackles one of the sweetest love songs of all-time, William “Pat” Best’s “(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons.” He wrote it as a poem to a girl when he was just a kid and then it became an enormous hit for Nat King Cole in 1946. This week, I feature 15 different versions of this classic tune, but only 9 of them are in competition for the Cat Fight. Listen to the show and then vote for the version you truly dig the most.

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  1. 18/06/2010

    I’ve always liked the Cleftones version of the song, that that didn’t change after listening to all the other versions. In my mind, 2nd was a tossup between Sam Cooke and Bobby Hatfield. But Smiley was real close behind. Different enough to deserve a place on the MP3 player for sure.

    By, the Eddie Howard version blows away Nat King Cole to my ear. Since they were out pretty much simultaneously, the popularityt of Nat’s version shows the power of the big name and big label, I guess.

    If Rufus was in the competition, he would’ve finished at least 2nd in my mind, and after a couple listens, might just have edged Herbie and crew. There was some awfully good music on Stax in the post doo-wop era.

    Great catfight!

  2. Al

    Hi Matt, I love that version by the cleftones, I haven’t heard that in years. After listening to it, I remembered another song by them that I love. “Your driving me mad” I first heard that one on a show back in the early 70’s “Little Walters time machine” Brings back some sweet memories. Al

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