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23rd April
written by Matt The Cat

The Friday Night Cat Fight Radio Show

“Sweets For My Sweet”

The Friday Night Cat Fight is the only show the puts 2 versions of the same song by 2 different groups up against each other and then asks for YOUR VOTE! A common theme on this show is the Americans vs. The Brits. This occurs so frequently, because in most cases the British covers of American tunes are so damn good, that they deserve mention. Also, sometimes the British group scored the bigger hit, while the original American cover is left behind, forgotten. That is not the case this week, as The Drifters scored a major top 20 hit on both the American pop and R&B charts. The Searchers 1963 cover hit #1 in the UK, but failed to chart Stateside when it was released here in 1964. So please listen to this week’s Cat Fight Show and then make your choice and VOTE for the one you truly DIG THE MOST!

Also on this week’s program, we find out what Mel Torme and a guitar virtuoso have in common, we make some R&B phone calls with Big Walter and Floyd Dixon AND we talk to former Oriole Diz Russell about Sonny Til, the man.

So listen, vote and DIG!

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