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26th February
written by Matt The Cat

“Lovey Dovey”

This week, the Friday Night Cat Fight Podcast is a battle royale with SEVEN competitors. The tune is the R&B; classic, “Lovey Dovey”, who’s popularity crossed demographic lines and made it an enduring pop hit as well. Also, having Steve Miller quote a line from the song in his 1973 #1 smash, “The Joker” didn’t hurt its legacy any. So cats n’ kittens, please listen to all SEVEN unique versions of “Lovey Dovey” and then voice your choice and vote for the one you truly dig the most! Will it be the original by DC’s own Clovers from 1954 or Clyde McPhatter’s 1959 version? Maybe you like Buddy Knox’s 1961 pop hit OR Dick Dale’s surf take on it from his debut 1962 LP? The Coasters put out a single of it in 1964 and Bunny Sigler returned it to the pop charts in 1967. Finally, the “King and Queen of Soul,” Otis & Carla did it in 1968. Let the RUMBLE begin!

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  1. 26/02/2010

    I was kind of surprised at how truly enjoyable each and every version of the song was tonight.

    I was even more surprised that I found myself voting for someone other than the Clovers. You know I'm big on the real early stuff, Matt, but not only did I like two different versions better than the original, the next oldest version was my least favorite. Shocking.

    I'd never heard the Bunny Sigler version before — or at least it never made an impression on me before. Very much in the beach music vein, and very enjoyable.

    Anyway, in my opinion…

    Bunny Sigler
    Buddy Knox
    Otis & Carla
    Dick Dale
    Clyde McPhatter

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