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8th January
written by Matt The Cat

Elvis vs. Elvis

The Songwriter?

I thought I’d feature Elvis on this, the 75th anniversary of his birth. Now Elvis is known for many things; icon, performer, singer, actor, etc. But he is not known for his songwriting, which is virtually nonexistent. However, Elvis did participate in the true writing of only two songs, “That’s Someone You Never Forget” and “You’ll Be Gone.” His name appeared on a few other songs, which he did not help write in order to insure publishing royalties. But these two songs appear to have been at least co-written by the King himself. Listen to both of them back to back and judge which one you dig the most. In a world where we hear the Elvis hits ad nauseam, this week’s Cat Fight focuses on two of his lesser known songs. There are also a few extra goodies in here for Elvis fans of all walks of life. Long live THE KING!

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