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11th September
written by Matt The Cat

…Remind Me Of You



Tribute Show

This week, The Friday Night Cat Fight Podcast focuses on those who left us during the past couple of months. I’ve prepared little 2 song tributes to Billy Lee Riley, Johnny Carter, Sam Butera, Koko Taylor, Ellie Greenwich and Les Paul. You can read my written obits for all these great artist by clicking on my “Prowlin’ With Matt The Cat” Blog.

Since we’re saying goodbye to some “oldies but goodies”, I decided to feature the classic tune from 1961 as this week’s Cat Fight. Please decide whether you’re in the West Coast camp with Little Caesar & The Romans or the East Coast brigade with Nino & The Ebb Tides and then vote at

4th September
written by Matt The Cat

…see you when the summer’s through

Work Songs

Well, it’s Labor Day Weekend again and with summer at an end and work about to pick up, I thought I’d give you a glimpse of some of the jobs out there that might be harder and more uncomfortable than yours (that is if you are currently working). The feature this week is on “Work Songs” and man we’ve got ’em. We’ll go from working in a coal mine and working on a chain gang to just trying to find a job and just getting by. We’ll hear from The Isley Brothers, Nina Simone, Wynonie “Mr. Blues” Harris and many more. Lee Dorsey even gets 2 songs in this week’s show!

Since September is here, I thought we’d vote on your favorite version of “See You In September”. Listen to the songs on the podcast and vote for the one you truly dig the most.

And…um…don’t work too hard, baby!

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