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17th July
written by Matt The Cat

“Cherry Pie” is sweet for Marvin & Johnny!

“Cherry Pie ”

Marvin & Johnny : 58 Votes

Skip & Flip : 22 Votes

I hope you enjoyed my Cat Fight R&B; Spotlight on Marvin & Johnny. They didn’t seem to have any trouble beating out Skip & Flip for the “Cherry Pie” glory.

The Friday Night Cat Fight honors the summertime tradition of letter writing. Yes, before email, paging, texting and tweets, the only way to tell someone the feelings deep in your heart was to hand write them a letter. Even today, there is no more genuine way to communicate than letter writing.

This week’s crop of themed tunes focuses on the joys and heartbreaks around the receiving and sending of letters. Ruth Brown, Little Willie John, Buddy Holly and many more are featured on this week’s show.

Plus, vote for your favorite version of “Write Me A Letter”. So here’s hoping that the mailman brings you no more blues.

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