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24th April
written by Matt The Cat

Led Zep Takes Cat Fight

“Whole Lotta Love ”

Led Zeppelin : 42 Votes

Muddy Waters “You Need Love” : 30 Votes

Small Faces “You Need Loving” : 15 Votes

Led Zeppelin made “Whole Lotta Love” their own in 1969, but they didn’t do it without inspiration from both Muddy Waters and The Small Faces. I hope you dug that little history of a rock n’ roll classic?

This week’s Cat Fight Show is entirely based on Rockabilly Music and girls’ names. Dig on the show and then vote for either Dorsey Burnette OR Clint Miller over the classic “Bertha Lou.” Get the interesting story behind that tune and many others now on The Friday Night Cat Fight!

Friday Night Cat Fight On The Web!

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