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27th February
written by Matt The Cat

The Dixie Cups Win Friday Night Cat Fight

“Jock-A-Mo” vs. “Iko Iko”

The Dixie Cups “Iko Iko” – 68 Votes

Sugar Boy Crawford “Jock-A-Mo” – 56 Votes

Sugar Boy put up some great numbers with his original 1953 version of the song, but the Dixie Cups’ 1965 Top Pop 20 rendition of the song took the prize.

This week, we have our very first FOUR-WAY Friday Night Cat Fight with the classic R&B; tune, “Open The Door, Richard”. Listen to the entire Cat Fight Podcast before casting your vote for either Jack McVea, Dusty Fletcher, Count Basie & His Orch. or Louis Jordan. I played these songs a lot back in my XM Radio days, but I never opened the song up to a popularity vote like this, so I’m very interested in the results.

Friday Night Cat Fight On The Web!

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  1. 27/02/2009

    I just have to go with Louis Jordan’s version of “Open the Door, Richard.” It’s just so much more animated! But if I had to pick a second place, the Count would win it.

    Loving the e-FNCF, by the way!

    Keep rockin’, Cat-Daddy!

    – TennZen, aka Atomic Melanie

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