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6th February
written by Matt The Cat

This week, we have TWO firsts on The Friday Night Cat Fight. The podcast is being expanded into a half hour program! AND we’re going to have a 3-way Cat Fight for the first time EVER!

Each week, the show will have a theme that relates to the song that the cats will be battling over. Then toward the end of the half hour of tunes, the Cats will battle it out for your vote.

This week’s theme is “Roads” to correspond to the Cat Fight which will be over the classic tune, “Down The Road Apiece”. Don Raye wrote the song for Will Bradley’s Orchestra, who did the original version. We begin, however, with Amos Milburn’s 1946 rendition which was recorded during his first session for Aladdin Records. Then, Chuck Berry puts his stamp on it from 1960 and we close out with The Rolling Stones version from their 2nd US LP issued in 1965.

Vote for the version you dig the most and please leave feedback in the comments section as to how you like the new version of the Friday Night Cat Fight.

Friday Night Cat Fight On The Web!

The Friday Night Cat Fight is listed in the iTunes Podcast Directory. Click this link to automatically open iTunes and go right to the Cat Fight Podcast.

Thanks for continuing to spread the word about The Friday Night Cat Fight as it is getting bigger and bigger every week.