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30th January
written by Matt The Cat

Hey Cats n’ Kittens,

I’m still prowlin’ out here in those cold back alleys. First, we’ve got this week’s Friday Night Cat Fight.

This is a very exciting Cat Fight this week as the Five Keys go for FIVE straight wins. If they win this week, they’ll be inducted into the Alley Of Fame. We’re going back to their original winning song from five week’s ago, “The Glory Of Love”. This week, they’ll battle The Velvetones and their 1957 version of the song. The choice is yours, Cats n’ Kittens. Will The Keys makes it into the Ally Of Fame OR will The Velvetones stop them dead in their tracks.

Hear and VOTE on The Friday Night Cat Fight by clicking HERE!

Classic Night Prowl Show Discovered!

Thanks to Lee, former Night Prowler, I’m very excited to offer you a podcast of a classic Night Prowl Show from back in August of 2004. This was a special Thursday Night show that I did featuring some of the greatest DJs of all time. We had some very interesting callers during the show. I hope you enjoy hearing this over four years after it originally aired. Visit my Podcasting Page to hear it.

The Day The Music Died: 50 Years Later…

This Tuesday will be the 50th anniversary of the horrible plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, Rirchie Valens and JP “The Big Bopper” Richardson. You know if I were still on the air, I’d be doing a special show for our heroes. However, Alex Ward always does a fantastic job with “The Day The Music Died”. Hear Alex’s show, “The Pink And Black Days” on XM’s 50s on 5 this Sunday (2/1/2009) at 6pm EST. Also, Rockin’ Ed has put together a fantastic podcast featuring some great, rare Buddy Holly songs at Mystery Train Wreck . Of course there are events going on around Clear Lake, IA as there is every year around this time. More information about The Surf Ballroom and the list of who’s attending this year’s 50th Anniversary can be found here.

Keep on prowlin’ and doncha ever stop, b/c the day you stop prowlin’ will sho’ enough be the day you drop.


Matt The Cat

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