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23rd January
written by Matt The Cat
The Five Keys Are on FIRE!

Last Week’s Song “Ling Ting Tong “
Five Keys: 126 Votes
Buddy Knox : 35 Votes

The Five Keys have now won a remarkable three Cat Fights in a row. If they win 2 more, then they will be inducted into the “Alley Of Fame” on Only 3 artists are currently in the Alley, so it’ll be interesting to see if The Five Keys will become #4.
This week, The Five Keys are defending one of their classic tunes, “Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind” from 1956. Their competitors have sped it up a little, without losing the general “feel” of the songs. Listen, dig and vote for the version you truly dig the most, this week on the
Friday Night Cat Fight.

Website Updates!
You may have noticed that I’ve been gradually updating my website to better reflect what’s going on these days. Since I no longer host “The Night Prowl Show” or “Harlem”, I have moved these shows from prominence on the homepage. Pages for these two shows still exist and can be found under the “Radio Shows” link on the homepage. I’ve placed the things that I am doing NOW up-front and center. You will find easy links on the homepage to my Blog, The Plattah Chattah Forum, The Friday Night Cat Fight and my Radio Interviews.
I’ve put up a Night Prowl Show Audio page. I’ll be filling that in with new audio clips over the next few weeks. I even have some complete Night Prowl Shows to share with you Prowlers (Thanks Lee). To tide you over, I put up Tom “Yum Yum” Alicandri’s appearance on the Night Prowl from a few years ago. It’s never been re-aired, so if you missed Yum Yum the first time around, catch the segment, complete with phone calls from some Night Prowl regulars (The Real George) now on the
Night Prowl Show Audio Page.

Catch ya on the flipside,

Matt The Cat

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  1. Anonymous

    YUM YUM you are a funny guy !! Try to team up with Matt and you two will rule !!!!! MATTTTTT THEEEE CATTTT !

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