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24th October
written by Matt The Cat
Friday Night Cat Fight RETURNS…sort of!
Due to popular demand, I’ve decided to give the “world famous” Friday Night Cat Fight a try on the internet. If this “test” Cat Fight is successful, I’ll consider doing Friday Night Cat Fights every week on the internet. We don’t need XM to have a Friday Night Cat Fight, do we? I say, NO WAY!
One advantage to the internet version of the Cat Fight is that no one will be shut out due to the overloading of the phone lines, which was often the problem with the Satellite Cat Fight. So, click on this link, Friday Night Cat Fight and listen to the audio file of the 2 songs competing for your vote this week. After you listen to the audio file, go back to your web browser and choose the version of the song you dig the most, from the simple poll beneath the audio file link. Good luck and happy Cat Fighting. The voting doesn’t end, so we’ll keep a running tally as the days and weeks pass.
Please let me know if you like this version of the Cat Fight and if I should continue doing it on the web each week? Email here at

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