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12th April
written by Matt The Cat
Orbison enters Night Prowl “Alley Of Fame”

Congratulations to Roy Orbison for being the first artist inducted into the Night Prowl “Alley Of Fame”. Roy won his fifth and final Friday Night Cat Fight by defeating Elvis by a score of 49 votes to 9. He showed his sheer dominance throughout the contest and will now no longer be able to compete so that other cats have a chance to grace this alleys brick walls. Go to the Alley Of Fame page to see how Roy did it.

Next week, the Fright Night Cat Fight returns with the first of a few minor artist scuffles, so we can all break from what has been an exhausting five weeks of Orbie dominance.

12th April
written by Matt The Cat

Every Hit Version of The Song….

Open The Door, Richard

In the late 1940’s, the phrase, “Open The Door, Richard” was on everyone’s lips. The song of the same name began as a comic routine, but blew up to the point where it sent four different versions to #2 on the R&B; charts. This week HARLEM uncovers as many versions, sequels and answer records as it can to represent this historical record. You’ll hear versions of “Open The Door, Richard” by Jack McVea, Dusty Fletcher, Louis Jordan, Count Basie, The Charioteers, The Pied Pipers, The Three Flames and even the Hit Paraders. Matt The Cat will also give you the story behind who wrote it and who got sued over it. This is one HARLEM not to miss. So put down that beer and OPEN THE DOOR, RICHARD!

Harlem Airs on XM-5:
Monday 4/14 @ 1pm EST
Tuesday 4/15 @ 9pm over LA and Midnight over NYC
Friday 4/18 @ 6pm over Baltimore
Sunday 4/20 @ 11am over Newark

I hope you enjoy this evolution of a song.