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13th October
written by Matt The Cat
Everly Brothers Win 2nd Consecutive Friday Night Cat Fight!

Last night on the Friday Night Cat Fight, The Everly Brothers defeated Jerry Butler and Betty Everett by a score of 44 to 43 over the song, “Let It Be Me”. 86 Night Prowlers voted and caused a 43 to 43 tie. According to Chapter 14, Section 2, line 48:

When the final voting result of a Cat Fight is tied by the voting masses, the host (Matt The Cat) must cast his vote in order to break such a tie score. The host (Matt The Cat) shall not vote under any other circumstances.

So, after much inner contemplation…I broke the tie by voting for the Everly Brothers. They were a bit more earnest in their singing style and I thought the musical arrangement was also better. Jerry and Betty did a fine, fine job as well, but if I’m going to ask others to vote for the one they like a little better, then I must apply the same logic to my voting selection.

The Everlys will return next week to try and make it 3 weeks in a row.

If you would like to vent your frustration with me, please do so below in the “comments” section.

Matt The Cat